Referal Program

Just wondering if you guys have a referal program/bonus/incentive program. If so, how do you run it? What’s been the most successful? Thanks!

I’ve thought about this several times but I get referrals from my customers readily. I’d try simply asking your next customer if they could refer you to some of their friends and leave them some cards.

We got a card with simple steps in the referral program that awards the referrer. This makes it simple because we award the referrers when the referree awards us the job.

Also, we send out letters to each previous customer a number of times a year just to keep our face in front of them. This leads them to talk about us with neighbors by default. More you do this more referrals you get.

This works for us really well.

On our invoices we have a spot for referals. If a client refers someone to us we will give them a 10% discount on their next cleaning if the person refered gets their windows done. Works pretty well until you get a client that refers 20 people, but in the end it works out pretty good.

We had a really cool referral program that absolutely went no where. “If you refer 5 or more people, and we get two or more of the jobs, we"ll send you a $50 Gift Card to the store of your choice”.

GOt one referral off the damn thing

Since then, we just ask for them straight from the customer. Much better results.

Ya, I think that was too complicated. Ask them straight up, If they would like to give 25% off to a family member, or a friend. Imply just one. Then they might ask, " Well, can I have more than two?"

LOL, works sometimes. pretty agressive.