Relaunch: The New Standard

3, 2, 1…


It’s been weeks in the making (explaining my absence of late, my apologies), and while it is as yet incomplete, it’s time to launch this baby!

What we’ve come up with is what we believe to be the new standard by which all other of the industry’s websites will be judged by.

The bar is raised, and will be raised even further in the coming weeks, as more fresh and innovative ideas are added, some of which are already in the works, and others as of yet still waiting to hatch as fledglings. Some will surely take wing, flying us to all new heights in the window cleaning world.

The tools by which we will update the site’s information on a daily basis are still to be completed, but close, so a couple of the pages, namely “Referral Network,” and “Picture Gallery,” are incomplete, as well as some content such as the video player on the “Home” page, and the vast lists of videos and links that are coming soon.

As you browse you may notice some other exciting and innovative ideas that are on the way!

Aside from the Home page, other pages on the site that are sure to raise an eyebrow with their forward-looking, groundbreaking content are:

The “Testimonials” page includes a musical score pieced to together with several hours of editing, and four different tunes, combined seamlessly to create a sense of accomplishment by the end of the short score. It begins with a song entitled “Heroic,” culminating in a stirring rendering called “Emerging Victorious.”

Testimonials for Legacy Window Cleaning

The “Meet the Management” pages contain stories, songs, and video links that will make you want to get up and run, to fly. Classic, inspirational, and true to who we are as people, you will be motivated to get out there and get at it after visiting Legacy’s forward-thinking leadership.

Mauricio Rosales ~ Legacy Window Cleaning

Clint Peterson ~ Legacy Window Cleaning

Browse the whole site, and be inspired to do more.

Carpe diem, all. Seize the day. Every day.

Welcome to Legacy Window Cleaning

P.S. For those that have been involved in the “Link Up” topic, here, we are still very interested in joining you in the endeavor. As soon as the tools codework is completed we will have to capability to jump into the network with you. We look forward to it!

There is so much more to come…

Enjoy! :smiley:

Your website looks incredible, congratulations. Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it. I’m not sure why, but after being on your home page for a bit, I really have to pee! :slight_smile:

PS I emailed…

[FONT=“Georgia”][SIZE=“5”][B]Clint/Ryan[/B] - Nice work, looks great! I’m gonna bust out my Star Castle tee-shirt once the Window Cleaning Arcade goes live. Good luck and hope you guys have a successful 2010!![/SIZE][/FONT]

Love in it man!!! Good job!!!

Pure comedy!!! :D:D:D

Oh, that was THIS Doug…

Sorry if my re: was a little curt. please realize I get like 10-15 solicitations some days.

Missed your chat tonight, too, right when I coulda used it. :frowning:

Yeah, Ryan is amazing, huh? I’d recommend Blue Lynx Design - Billings, MT to anyone, anytime.

I’ll be sure to practice up real good before the arcade goes live so my high score will be safe… :wink:

Thank you, Tim!