Remove Wood Stain from Glass?

What is the best way to remove wood stain off glass.

Treat it like paint?
Wet and blade it or use Titan Oil-Flow.

Titan Oil-Flow is a good start, its a pain to remove and sometimes leaves ghost marks… Charge accordingly.


Wet window and a blade and steel wool for touch-ups. I don’t know about Titan oil-Flow since I’ve never used it, but I avoid using anything but dish soap on my jobs unless it is absolutely necessary. I’ll have to see what that product is about. It’s going to take extra time, so definitely bill for that.

You can also try soft scrub with 00 steal wool depending on the build up. I’ve used soft scrub on commercial mirror glass that was badly oxidized ahs came out pristine. Put it on your wand on one side and work it in if it’s not that bad and follow up with regular cleaning afterwards and you should be good.

Bronze Wool, Blade, & Magic Eraser


100% DLimonene blended with a zirconium dioxide with an average particle size of 3 to 5 microns.



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Ended up wetting and blading it came off.
So long as you use Sharpe single edge blades, used a lot blades though.
OH the windows were wooden cut ups.
So had fun!! NOT!!
Thanks for everyone’s input… :grin:

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