Removeing tint/vinyl and Hoiliday paint Pricing help needed

Could use some assistance with pricing.
One customer had 4 upper windows that they wanted the vinyl lettering removed, no problem. When looking at the job there was a tint also put over the lettering.
Need some idea on pricing a job like this. It look me about 4-5 hrs to complete.

Another customer had holiday paint, on the outside of 6 large windows(about 4 x8 ea)

These are both my regular customers so I want to treat them fairly, but also want to make the money I am due to make.

Please send your advice if you would. This is all done in NYC suburbs.

For regular route customers I usually did 2x or 3x on pricing depending on how much paint and how often they were cleaned.

For lettering that’s a little more tricky. What do you mean there’s tint over them? Tint is usually on the inside.

Some lettering comes right off with a razor… Others need a heat gun, razor, and many many cursing. Again depending on the customer you could go anywhere from 2x to 5x for removal depending on the customer and the job.

Thanks for responding.
Sorry, the lettering was on the inside on this job. When the window tint was put on, it went right over the lettering. The windows were 1.5’x3.5’ each upper windows.

The paint was for another customer, large paintings on a 4x8 window.
when you say 2x or 3x you are talking about what we would charge for the washing of those same windows?

So you did the job already ?