Removing candle wax splatters

What do I use to take off candle wax splatters on a window with film tinting?

The first thing I would try would be really warm water with dwell time. Keep applying warm water to keep the tempature up there. I’m not talking about boiling water… just warm.

If that doesn’t work try some Simple Green and let it dwell.

If those methods don’t work, scrub it with a damp magic eraser pad. If it can get silicone off glass, it should work on candle wax. I don’t think it will hurt the tinting, but just in case, find an obscure spot and test it to make sure

Take an ice cube and put it directly on the tint. After about a minute (or when finger gets numb) the wax sould be able to come off picking at it…but dont slip and hit the tint! Just an idea…i did this once for a customer…first time i ever did this and it worked. But if your hands arent steady, dont try it!

Use a blow torch! works every time! Just kidding, don’t do that. I once used a wash cloth with hot water. ring out the hot water so the cloth is still wet but hot. the wax should wipe off after a few strokes depending on how thick it is.

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This is the way to do it. If you ever had a candle in a glass jar the only way to get it fully out without wasting your time, is to toss it in the freezer overnight. Next day remaineder of the candle will pop out.

Are you into jar recycling Ray ? :smiley:

LOL No I could careless about recycling. But the wife, well she is a nut about it. And it drives me nuts. Take the candle I mentioned here. I would just toss it in the normal trash. I dont care if the container is made of glass. It would just get tossed. But her? Hell no. That thing would be cleaned and polished before the recycling guys ever got it.

Perhaps it’s more about the recycling guys than the glass jar. :rolleyes: j/k :smiley:

The blow torch worked but melted the film. Of course I’m kidding. I used windex! Kidding again. The Simple Green worked like a charm. There were dozens of little splatters all over the window. Too many to try the ice cube trick. Thanks for the tips.

I am very surprised that a degreaser worked at wax removal! Did you try just your normal solution initially?