Removing Rain X Anti Fog

Wasn’t sure where to post this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove Rain X Anti Fog coating from the inside of a windshield?

Apc100 or ammonia on a bronze wool pad


If this is by chance your own vehicle, shaving cream (the white foam kind, such as Barbisol) is an excellent anti-fogging agent. Just smear it across the glass and buff it off with a cloth. Works on windshields, bathroom mirrors, etc.

Wow, neat idea. But no, not mine. However, I will try that inside my helmet shield.

What kind of machine you riding?

The kind that has two wheels, two pedals, eighteen speeds, and a brass bell that jingles nicely when I want to pass old ladies or moms with strollers on the Metroparks mutipurpose path. When I have enough customers to go full time and pay off my initial investment I will find something with a motor again.

My street bike and the track bikes

Very nice, the closest I got to racing was the stands at the end of the backstretch at Mid Ohio, except Karts but not at Mid Ohio.

I am too old, fat and slow to do anything but club racing. One bike is a Vintage Class Suzi 1100 and the other bike is a suzi 750 I use for trackdays. We have a motorcycle only racetrack over at Jennings, Florida. Mostly club trackdays and some minor league racing organizations. WERA does come to town a couple of times per year. It is just a sweet 2 mile, 14 turn circuit where you can ride as fast as you feel you can safely. (no radar cops and no blue hairs pulling out in front of you) You can hit 135 mph + on the front straight!

My street bike is an F4i. That pic was taken at a rest area in Pensacola, Fl on my way to New Orleans.

I hear ya, plus it takes so long to heal. When I get my wheels again I’ll be happy with most anything that can reach the speed limit plus 5 in reasonable time, has a compfy seat and a fairing.