Removing Rust

I have an extremely badly rust stained window. I am wondering what works to remove it? Does Mr. Hardwater system, with steel wool pads work? Is acid a good idea?

That looks horrible.

[SIZE=3]Try One Restore [/SIZE]

Check out F9 barc. There is a video on one of the forums showing rust removal similar to your project.

We’ve done that before with One Restore

It maybe time for a new window :slight_smile:

I can fix it. Pay my expenses and I will fix it for you. That is a simple repair.

That would totally be impressive to see a restoration on that much damaged.

holy crap!

before and after pics, maybe a video for your website would be impressive.

what is causing it?

[SIZE=3]May be able to use One restore on the stone sills as well.[/SIZE]

Rusterizer and 3 minutes will make it good as new.


[SIZE=3]Is this what you are talking about?[/SIZE]

Oxalic acid

What made it rust?

Yep. I’ve done tons of jobs with this stuff, and it works as easily as the video shows.
I just did a whole section of roof on top of a Hospital that came out beautiful, Easy Money!!


Did you get this job done yet? WCR will have F9 BARC in stock in a few days.

Used Glass Renu for this and scratches on another window. Glass Renu worked but some of the other ideas surely would have been more simple. Thanks for the help.

It looks as though HE MAN and I are both true believers and users of ‘ONE RESTORE’.
Used it Friday on this A/C unit to show comparison of before / after.

The left side was even in both height and width as the right … before it was cleaned down w/ ONE RESTORE!