Removing tape adhesive off of window tint?

I did a store today that had massive amounts of tape residue on the window tint. I tried rubbing alcohol and a white pad and it did decent but is there a better way? Is goof off too harsh to the tint to try? Would magic erasers work? Any suggestion? Thanks!

Man when I see tape on tint. I say yup ya shouldn’t of done that. Good luck !!!

I clean a store twice a month that has tint on the door. Funny thing is there was tape on the door an I pulled my blade out scraped it …anddd Ripppppp. Yup !!

First words out of my mouth don’t worry guys I have a tint guy., but who the F puts tint on a store front door.

BTW they just did it the week before

Got the tint fixed for them. Tape is all over it again.

Go figure !!!

Sometimes ya have to say no can do.

Hey don’t learn the hard way like I have— just tell them because of the tint, there is no way this is going to come off without damaging the tint.

I found out the hard way many times, just inform them tint + stickers= permanent.

tape residue + plastic tint = almost permanent

SOMETIMES… cooking oil and a fingertip MIGHT loosen it up.

2/3mil De-sovl-it to 1 litre water with small amount detergent in it.
Put in sprayer .
Spray on the surface.
Use microfiber cloth wipe a few times should come off.

I tested out using a magic eraser and it seems to work well. That is if there is residue on it. Of course it won’t peel off a big piece of tape but if I have to use my fingernails to peel it off it seems that I can use a magic eraser to get the residue left behind. Some of these stores put a lot of tape on their tint though and I’m not going to spend all day peeling each piece by hand unless I’m getting paid more.

Magic eraser can also scratch tint as it is an abrasive. If you get it off, regardless of the method, at the end you will want to use a :hammer:

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