Removing tape residue

What do you think works best removing tape residue from vinyl frames that have been masked off during painting and stucco?

simple green?

have a construction cleanup on Monday a.m. I usually avoid construction cleanup so need some advice

oil-flo maybe?

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Oil Flo for sure !


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Oil Flow, or Goo Gone in a pinch.

But the best method for dealing with it is the one you already mentioned. Let the idiot contractors deal with their own mistakes.

I will not deal with a contractor for construction cleanup.

If a homeowner wants service, then thats different, even if it’s ccu. I’ll simply charge so much that even if I have to spend all day messing with it, it will still be profitable… very profitable.

As for the builders… they can clean their own damn windows.

Use goo gone! I bought it specifically for what you need and it works great. They sell it at lowes & home depot

Oh yes…the wonderful world of c.c.u… what works amazing is goof off… not goo gone…unless you are willing to be there for days…should be able to buy at home depot or a paint store… its pretty potent so be carefull… also buy yourself a 2 inch putty knife also known as a broad knife…apply goof off to rag and apply to sticky stuff with rag…make sure not too spill every where and gently scrape with broad knife…and so on… once you get good at it vinyl frames are nothing compared to others out there. Have fun.

Hows the job going Brian? I have about a half gallon of oil flow if you need it. Hit me up, I can send someone to your site in an unmarked truck today if you need it. Its easier to use than goo gone (better than goof off).

i agree…oil flow is really good stuff.

Funny you mention this, I was just at a house today that I did a CCU to five years ago. The builder used painters blue tape (which you would think would come right off) and it was left on all summer before I got to it. I tried goof off, Oil-Flo, scraping, scrubbing and still couldn’t get all of it off. Tapes still on, can’t win um all.

I ment goof off! Haha don’t know where goo gone came from…

Funny thing is that 90% of the time, when a contractor says “the painter already scraped the windows” it actually translates to “the painter attempted to scrape the windows, but actually made them worse by smearing silicone all over the glass, and leaving chunks of paint everywhere. We need you to fix this, so the homeowner doesn’t flip a isht… or at least we need someone to blame for all the FD scratches”


I had a site manager in Vegas on a large tall building with Bunnys in it. who decided to save time on cleaning he would put two inch wide clear tape on the bottom 4 floors of balcony glass and crome railings. left it for three months at 118 degrees during the summer. and woundered why it cost him so much to clean. each paine took two hours of scrapping and soaking with the dreaded sunlight to remove and clean. I find sunlight is a good cleaner if you let it soak in.

What I use is a product called DE-SOLV-IT.
I mix it with water as I found using it at full strength it didn’t seem work as well.
Spray it on the tape residue let work for about 30 seconds then use micro fibre cloth to clean off.
But tape residue that has only been on for short time.
Should come off using a micro fibre cloth wet with DE-SOLV-IT mixed with water on it.

I heart De-Solv-It!

My local Ace Hardware carries it.

How much do you typically charge for adhesive removal residue that’s been sitting for roughly 3 years in the hot Florida sun? We have a possible bid for removing this on roughly 35 of 50 windows if I had to guess. It’s a high-end two-story house. Thank you for input!

Bobbie Cantu

CCU is why the charge is generally 3 times regular price - it is usually at least 3x’s the work, it should be a deterrent to contractors not placing demands on their workers. If they scoff at the price then they can have whoever left the mess to clean up their mess.