Removing window tint?

I have a customerwho wants window tint removed from 6 large sliding glass doors, from what I can tell a clothes steamer is the way to go, I am up for suggestions if anyone has better ideas, also any idea on pricing

i heard that mentioned several times on here. We soap up the windows and let the water sit on the windows keep re wetting and let it sit re wet let it sit. the water works through the tint usually within 30 minutes. take a fresh blade and start blading it off. dont forget to keep reweetting the other windows as you workthe first piece of tint. If you have the steamer and go that route Id be interested in the resuklts on how fast it took per piece

I’ve never considered a steamer. Use it like you would for wallpaper? Interesting. I’ve removed tint from a bar one time and it was a handache. I used an unger 6 inch scraper (I think it was 6 inch could have been 4). This was before I moved to jbf.

Check for FD and use a waiver if you go the scraper route.

Its really time consuming so price accordingly… once you peel the tint off there will be a layer of glue so scrape away… make sure you inform the customer that the glass might be cloudy after the fact… i dont know why but this happens on some glass

Oo and be sure to use a fresh blade otherwise you’ll be there forever

The glue is the easy part. Most glues and adhesives are water soluble. It will come off easily. The tint on the other hand is made to repel water…

So yes. Price accordingly.

Scoring the surface of the fi will assist in getting your liquid/solution beneath.

Stubborn film may require ammonia. Apply after scoring and place plastic over it to allow dwell time. Ensure your work area is well-ventilated if you use ammonia. Protect metal surfaces.

If the glue under tint comes off easily, it has changed a lot from when I did it last.
It used to be a very big job.

+1 also plan on using a lot of razors. Much faster to have a few ready and maybe a mild alcohol solution to de glue the one your not using.

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car window washing fluid, and ammonia , and soap, and some four inch razors!!!

peel the tint off, that leaves the glue, so scrap it off and then go back with steel wool and well that should to it.

AND charge out the butt! about 6x normal rate as it takes at least 4 cleanings to get it all off.

DI water works great on glue. So if you have it, use it.