Rent A Water Fed Pole?

I need a 65’ maybe an 80’ water fed pole. Is there any body who rents them. I most likely have a job or 2 coming up that I will need a “daddy long leg”. I plan on ordering Shawn’s awesome Reach 5 system. I got to check out Brennon’s with New Albany Window Cleaning. WOW Very professional. I just cant buy both at the same time. Can anybody help?

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the kind words about the system.

80’ is quite a reach. Anything 65’ and under and I’ll be happy to help you out. Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss the rental arrangement.

Appreciate your response Shawn. I will be calling you this coming week. If I place a custom color order by Friday, how long (roughly)do you think it will take?? just curious.
Thanks, Chris

It would be the first custom color order so we will find out as we go along.

It mainly depends on the fabrication schedule.

Thanks, talk later.

I received word this morning that I can go ahead and schedule one of the jobs I was talking about.
Here is a picture I took last week.

I will be doing all the blinds inside and inside/outside windows. I did the blinds and inside windows 2 years ago. This will be my first time doing the outside. Also the biggest outside job I tackled. A little nervous.:o

What length pole do I need? How do you operate 2 or more people on a WFP?

wow! How tall is the building? Do you happen to know how deep that ledge is?

What do you mean by operate 2 or more people?

I would suggest renting something in the 56’ range. Its better to have too much vs. not enough.

Can one man run a WFP 65’? I was under the impression that it required 2 or more persons. If so how does that work?

Depends on the man;)

I would say that the Gardiner SL2 can be used at 60’ by a single operator with no problem.

The guy that was operating the 88’ pole had someone on top of the building guiding him somehow. I think that is the kinda thing Chris is referring to when he asks about how two people would use the pole together.

You do realize thats our friend from across the pond Jeff Brimble aka electric window cleaner.I believe thats a “World Record” too!!

As far as I know Brennon - the Emporium pole used in the 88 foot record was un assisted. The new unofficial record is now 120 feet. The company that managed it - won’t be doing it again in a rush!

I would never try and use a 80 foot water fed pole. I have been using them for about 20 years. I use a 60 foot and that’s a challenge. Just my opinion from experience

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Come on Mike you can handle 20’ more on 60’ pole…lol

This first photo is 70 feet of wfp. It’s as high as I would work. My arms would be dead after a week on this building.

The second photo is about 47 feet. With the right pole this feels like nothing. I could go all day none stop.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning

Hey Joshua… the first pic is 8 story’s right, 70’ wfp? what type of wfp?


8 stories indeed! It’s a 27’ Nlite Hi Modulus with 4 Hi Mod extensions. They are fairly short stories.

If I land that job I’m buying a new truck. :wink:


I’m trying to get a hold of Jeff Brimble.

I need his 88’ wfp secrets. Desperately.