Replacement rubber

So first time buyer of window cleaning equipment. I’m going to buy replacement rubber in advance. About how often do you need to replace your rubber? Seems I can only buy 12 packs and I am going to be using 12" and 18" squeegeez and a 14" moerman excelerator. Seems excessive to need 12 of each size

Depends on how much work you got, I go through a rubber in a week or week and half.

Buy the 18" and then as you wear it down cut it to fit the smaller squeegees. You’ll wear the ends quick and when you cut it down you can get more out of each rubber.


On the high end, Ettore rubber can last 2 or 3 solid days.

On the low end, Black Diamond will last me a day by flipping sides at lunch time.

Better rubbers can be trimmed down in length and reused, since the corners wear out first but there is plenty of life left mid-channel.

In my experience, cheaper rubbers can be cut down to a smaller size after shredding the corners. But hairline trails in the center are soon to follow.

If you don’t want to stock 3 sizes you can buy 18" only and cut it down as the ends wear.

Wagtail rubber is good quality and comes as a single piece in a gargantuan extruded roll (almost 30 feet) so you just cut off whatever size you need and there is no waste until your very last cut off the roll.

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Rubber doesn’t go bad in any reasonable length of time.

Buying in dozens starting out isn’t a big deal. When you are new at it, you are going to ruin rubber making mistakes anyway.

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Just order a dozen of the 18" to start, cut to size. You’ll use them. Rubber is cheap.


I always buy the 36" ones and cut them down to size.

Hey without bogarting this thread and without making a whole new thread. What rubber should i go for, I have 2 batches of Black diamond both are crap in my opinion. I already complained to BD and they sent that second batch. Pfft no better, probably came from same batch set.

I have a batch of Unger soft on the way. But you guys are always talking about Ettore’s master brand. Do they send samples at all? im very curious about it, but don’t want to buy them and hate them.

Although that is exactly what BD did, I loved their sample.

What channel do you use?

I use Unger hard and soft.

I’ve not tried Ettore, even though I have tried other brands. despite the love for Ettore, Unger has served me well and I continue to use it.

I use the Ergo ninja, and loved their original rubber it came with. I have recently purchased some more of it, they claim it came with Soft. I want to purchase some Unger hard, but the company i buy from only carries soft. And no offence I tend to find WCR prices outrageous for me. Nor do they carry ettore. I can always branch out of my comfort store as well. Im actually look at saving $40 at another online shop for the ettore i’m looking at.

I really want to support WCR but if i can continue to save 20-30% I have to shop elsewhere.

How hard is it to get into WCR, i noticed they only accept special applicants now.

DO you know where i can get a sample of their hard? Or should i just order some hard and I’ll love it, lol?

My back order of unger soft will be here oct 12th and i’ll find out if i still love their soft, and its starting to cool down.

You might be able to buy a sample (1-3) from someplace like Ebay. Just be sure to check the description and be sure you know if you are buying hard or soft.

As far as vendors go, out of respect I will not discuss other vendors here.

The weather in my area, in summer, soft would be like squeegeeing with a wet noodle. Winter it works fine.


I agree , that is why i didn’t mention the name of my other places.

I will see about ordering from that EBAY place lol.
Ebay seems to be stupid, just checked and prices are the most outrageous ! a 3 pk for $60 lol

The first rule of WCR is you do not talk about WCR. Or maybe that was something else.


Try Ettore rubber if you don’t like Black Diamond. It’s of medium hardness, appropriate for all weather. Ettore only makes one kind of rubber, so don’t go bonkers if you see it called something slightly different in one place or another.

Yeah, it’s double the cost compared to BD but it lasts at least twice as long so the economics balance in your favor.

Nothing like working with a brand new rubber. I swear I clean more glass in an hour with new rubber so I change them out daily. To me saving money on rubber by not changing it out when needed seems more like LOOSING money than saving it. I’m thinking of the old saying “penny wise and pound foolish”. JMO


Hey @BlueLightning08

  1. Not sure what you mean about hard to get into WCR. Anyone can set up an account and place an order
  2. I don’t think we are 30% higher than other places. We are also open to price matching if we can.
  3. We do carry Ettore, have been for 10 years now.

If you have questions on our pricing, price matching, finding a product, or the WCRA, we are here to help. You can call us any time, our store and this forum have live chat we monitor from 8am to almost midnight.



Get the 12 pack. I have bought 1-3 at a time and it’s stupid. I buy big and cut it down but honestly, 12 pack would be less headaches. It really isn’t expensive. I know I’ll be doing 12 packs from now on.

Just don’t leave it in direct sunlight or it will.