Replacing Rounded Screen Frame Corner

I was cleaning screens on a log cabin home and broke a frame corner on one of the curved screens. Anyone have an idea where to get a replacement for a specialty corner? There is no brand name on the frame and the customer doesn’t know who built the
home back in 1990. I’m attaching a couple of pictures. I can always glue it, but if possible would rather replace it for her.

Wow! We don’t have any like that around here. Did a google search pull anything up Vince?

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New to me too.

The only thing I could find so far was this, and unfortunately it was a dead end.

arched window screen corner :

Think I’m probably going to have to just glue it.

Hey Vince I did some checking too came up empty to. Maybe [MENTION=67]Beautiful View[/MENTION] can chime and would know where to get it.

You might find some information about the manufacturer on the window some where. That could lead you in the right direction.

look underneath the bottom window frame. There maybe a warranty sticker.

Thanks for the suggestion, but these particular windows are all wood frames and there is no indication.

Thanks for checking Steve!

My research was blank also. What I would do is start contacting your local window screen shops. If I am replacing entire screens I always strip down the old screens and keep some of the parts. Window screen shops usually do the same thing. More than once those odd/hard to find parts have come in handy. Best of luck.

Thanks Jack. I’ll do that. I checked with one and came up empty, but there’s others that may know or may have even worked on installing the original windows.

I will check circle glass. they have many corners. get back with you

May not fit but worth a try. many times you can modify the corners with a belt sander
CRL Adjustable Screen Frame Corner - 20 pack -

Circle Glass Company - Screen and Glass Repair
P.38 of there catalog

I was just looking them up and you beat me to it.

Awesome! Looks like just what I’m looking for. Thanks!

I’ve never seen these. I think they are exclusive to the window manufacturer.

Circle Glass has your part (page 39 in catalog) 1 800 523-2111. Call them and they will send catalog, open an account and they will send the separate price list. Anything you need for screening, is here and it’s all wholesale pricing. Hope this helps. Dave.

Thanks Dave. That information will definitely help. I’ll get in touch with them on Monday.

I just got some for an RV window. This company is the only one that I’ve found so far.