What are you guys charging for basic rescreening? I’ve searched the forums but I haven’t really found a solid answer. I’m thinking of making this an add on. Just did some at my house and it went pretty well. Thanks.

One can survey local hardware stores for comparable service charges.

My minimum is $12.50 for a small bathroom-sized re-screening, including spline.

Google screen repair and you’ll find a ton of returns…

$10 for a small screen = 32x47 approx or smaller
$15 for med screen = 32x47 to 32x71 approx
$20 for large = larger than 32x71 approx

I rarely do one or two though, I always shoot for whole house re-screens, less than that isn’t very profitable for me even though i will do it if a customer needs it.

Seth Fenster helped me when I first started with rescreens. He might be a good source of advice.

We charge $35 for a sliding door screen, 20ish for a regular size screen.

Honestly, We have expanded in other areas and don’t push rescreens like we should. We might do 40-50 screens as upsells this year. Fine by me, I would much rather clean windows,gutters,blinds than rescreen. It can be a major pain for just 1-2 screens. It can also be super easy if you enjoy the work. To each there own.

  • special note* I would really manage customer expectations about a timeline and the finished product when you start. Screen frames break easily when your learning. Pull tabs crack, corners crack, frames bend. If you are taking a whole house worth of screens back to the shop for repairs, inform them that replacement parts may have to be ordered and that will take time.(never had a client that wasn’t cool with that) Also, if your just rescreening, let them know that the frames will be clean, but will not look new; only the fiberglass will be new.

This is what I did when I first started doing screen repair. I then added some $ because I remove and reinstall the screens for my customers.

Thanks. At least I have an idea know.


I base my fees on the type of the screen, the damage to be repaired and the customer’s attitude. If I have to cut metal and miter corners, it cost more than using plastic corners. If I have to drill holes to install metal or spring tabs, it cost more than splining plastic tabs in. I charge from $10 to $30 per screen. I manufactured about 45 screens in April. I repair/remesh probably 1 screen at every resi we clean that is more than 5 years old.

Screens can be $$$$$

For rescreening i charge $20, $25, $30 for small, medium and large window screen. I charge $50 for a sliding door screen.

$15 for small bathroom windows
$25 for “half window” screens
$30 - $35 for “full window” screens
$40 - $50 for screen doors and oversized screens
$50-$75 for full fabrication, depending on size

I charge $1.50 per sp ft. with a minimum of $25

Gave an estimate today of around $25.00 for a full screen (roughly about 3’ x 5’, didn’t measure it) and the lady said Ace Hardware did it last time for $6.00. Can’t do just one screen for $6.00. She did say she is on a fixed income. No good for me.

When was the “last time”? 1962?

I know!!! Wow. Maybe Ace does that to get people in the store in hopes they buy something else. Since it was weather beaten it had been quite a while. Damn. Luckily her neighbor hit me for window cleaning so I don’t have to grovel…LOL (j/k)

You can explain to her that she’s more than welcome to take it to Ace… she can open the old window, remove the screen, put it in her car, drive it to Ace, take it back out of the car, bring it in, wait 45 minutes for them to rescreen it, then reverse the process… or she can pay $25 to do nothing.

15 for half, 30 for full

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How do you do half a screen? Lol

Half a window screen or small.

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Currently raining did exterior Soft Wash on house earlier in the rain now doing seven screens and one door screen at the present time here’s some before and during pictures.

How much did you get for this job?