Residential Canvassing

I was wanting to know what everyone says when canvassing? I’m focusing on residential work and I’m not quite sure what to say. Any help would be appreciated.

I guess I should clarify that I mean going door to door to and talking to individuals. (I suppose canvassing could mean just plastering your fliers everywhere)

I’ve searched the forum, and couldn’t find anything.

Also, what’s usually the closing rate for [B]you[/B]? I know there’s a lot of variables, but for you in your market, with your mad skills, what’s you closing rate?

Thanks, I appreciate the help!

Here ya go

Thanks! I was searching for canvassing, not door to door.

Canvassing [I]is [/I]door to door.

What are you reffering to?

Canvassing could refer to plastering your fliers all over the place as well. I just thought I should clarify that I meant door to door.