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I just started my window business late last year and I’m now getting ready to do some flyer marketing door to door. Does anyone have a sample flier they have used in the past that produced results that can be emailed. Again, I’ve never done this type of thing before and I don’t want to waste my time and money by putting out a bad piece of information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email address is

Comments that I have received from some of my customers about fliers is they were impressed with the look and feel of my flier and that is why they contacted me. Also, if a flier they received was a sheet of paper run off on a copier they pretty much din’t pay any attention to it. Bottom line - having a professional print job done gives that good first impression which you only have scantt few seconds to make. Printing costs vary by the size and type of flier. My first flier was a postcard style 5.5" x 8.5" that I just laid at the doorstep of residentials. Cost me $227 for 2500. The door hangers were $128 for 1250. My most recent door hanger, you can see in the marketing section, seems to be working ok. I put 400 out and got 2 jobs back. I have 4500 more to put out, so at that rate of return I can pay for the printing and then some. :slight_smile: So what I’m saying is spend a little up front on your fliers so they look professional and are received well by potential customers. I cater to people who hire pool service, yard maint., house cleaners, etc., so they don’t even blink when I give them my window quote, and usually hire me that day if I’m available. My prices are fair based on price quotes I have found in my searches. If you average it out I do land between $4 and $6 per glass surface. A few large homes and your printing is paid for.

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I have a copy of some flyers you’re more that welcome to look at. They are 2 to a sheet so I can have 200 copies run and cut to make 400 flyers and it costs me all of $24 (or somewhere around there). Then I just go walking for a few hours every few days and pass them out. I typically get a 1-4% hit rate off of them depending on the week.

Is there any way you can email some copies … It would be greatly appreciated.

You’ve got mail my friend.

Is there any way you can email some copies



Your welcome to use my flier, but I like to share it w/ other window cleaners as well therefore you can find it in the “Marketing Section” :smiley:

hey guys im new here. can i also have a copy of that flier. and where is the marketing section. thanks. troy.