Residential proposal form

Where can i obtain a proposal form for window cleaning?
Thank You

If you send Chris a document to share with the group, he will give you access to the “Business Documents” section with dozens of proposal forms.

Here is mine!New+Quote+with+new+logo.pdf (169 KB)


Ok, well, I was thinking that yo wanted a bnid sheet. For me, thats like a worksheet that I use when I bid jobs. The customer usually never sees that. The document I use to email or hand-deliver to the customer is much like Kevins. I change the pic each time, along with the addy and names. This one is sort of a hybrid window cleaning/holiday lighting esitmate. She asked for both on the same estimate. Here it is!

sorry forgot to add it.Robyn Lilly CHLS Proposal.doc (1.07 MB)

for some reason i cannot open it to see it.
Thanks anyway

depends on what version of word you have maybe.

Nice estimate template, Bert.

Very nice.

how long after you visit them is this sent to the customer ?
I really like them because is one of the things that can separate you from the rest

thanks for sharing

Hmm… That looks sort of familiar. I seem to remember writing some very similar copy one time.

You should remeber seeing this. I stole it from you (shamelessly). I don’t live or compete in any market near you, so our customers are not seeing yours and mine. Your ideas are great, Steve. But so are Kevins. I just used a little of both to make mine. Copying is the greatest form of flattery. :o

As far as when I give this to the customer: I get it out a fast as I can. Sometimes its just hours, othrers–when I am really busy, it may take a few days.

I’m not bothered by it at all. If it has blessed you then I’m glad. If I was worried about it being copied, I would not have posted it. I was just pointing out the original, that’s all.

thats definitely a nice proposal.