Residential Route in the U.S

Why dont we do it like in the U.K?

Does anyone here in U.S. have one? Monthly or bi-weekly?

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Stuff of dreams I’m afraid. It doesn’t rain here often enough I don’t think. Maybe northwest but not typical for the US.

we have 4 monthly residential accounts, we are trying to add more


Homeowners are allergic the regular around my neck of the woods. They get a sniffle every time I mention it…

Good thread topic.

How did you do it? Straightforward pricing? Special offer?

Do you WFP them?

Lol yeah last week a guy squawked when his wife said she’d like to get em cleaned again in a year! Those windows were practically opaque when i got to them.:rage:

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i heard about the idea on josh’s podcast, then when a customer asked about doing monthly (all on their own) we told them we’re offering exterior of 20 panes for $50. it’s about 16% off. then a second person mentioned monthly so we signed them up, then we mentioned it to two of our quarterly customers and signed them up. we don’t use wfp cause it takes too long to set up for 20 panes to be worth it. it’s more like a really well priced storefront.


I think it could work in the right markets. Mainly big cities like where we are Denver or any other big cities like LA, NYC, etc. If I had the time to pick and choose my clients I would. They would mostly likely be my richest clients with no exterior screens. I believe cleaners in the UK don’t have to worry about screens.


I think I have seen @Tony_C post that he has monthly ?


You are correct.

its a case of the grass is always greener! im here in the UK on the ground and from here it looks like the American way is the big bucks! where the streets are paved with gold and you take off in Winter to Hawaii , nobody over there does resi for a buck a window,not even 5 - but over here thats very much the norm!

the market here for monthly window cleaning resi is huge but its generally very low priced because every Tom and Dick does it on the side . its taken me 9 yrs to haul my round up to a business of decent [2 bucks rather than 1 ] prices where i make a nice living from it . And it IS year round but that means youre forced to do it in bad weather or else it falls behind .Fancy going out in the rain all week for 2 bucks a window? well if you dont therell be a double load of it waiting the following week.


Check out this thread:

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Believe style of houses is in the US on average are larger?

Atypical house for me to clean IS350 inside and outside what is it there?

Which is true on Monday. But what do we have scheduled on Tuesday? And Wednesday? And next Monday?

I seem to recall someone saying “the slow season is about to slap us in the face, as it always does” even though we think it will be different this year…

So, it’s true that I can charge 13-15 bucks double hung in/out. But Im only doing it once a year, sometimes every other year, sometimes never again.

Personally, I dont like driving by slamming on the gas, then slamming on the brakes, over and over again.

Maybe I’ll do a $50 special, once a month, outside only. Get 5 houses on the same street…


i think its weird how the home windows in the UK and the States open outwards,we share that , but right across Europe they open inwards [making cleaning easy ]

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There are no screens in the UK


Why is that, I’m wondering…?

Thanks for posting Jonny… we’ve had this conversation a few times…Lol :wink: thanks Jonny!

someone’s up early…:yum:

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