Residential WC

A little lengthy, but spot the mistakes.
Poor kid :eek:

[video]window cleaning pt 1 - YouTube

Hey, the guy is amusing tho. :wink:

Things I learned from this video:

• use ammonia in your solution.

• when mixing your solution, lean over your bucket for a prolonged period of time until you think you’ve inhaled sufficient amount of ammonia.

• After verbalizing your thoughts on racial tensions and window cleaning, hang on to that anger as you throw your scrubber at your bucket.

He’s actually a really nice guy. I’ve known him for a while. He got out of the business recently and GAVE me a bunch of store front leads… I think he’s been window cleaning for so long that he’s just kinda stuck in his ways. Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. He’s about 35-40(I think…) and a spanish professor at the university.

There ya go… A bunch of info you didn’t need. :slight_smile:

Just take your towel and “WACK!”

“Power-scrape off that stucco!”

“If it takes you longer you’re doing it wrong”

Stores his mop on the floor, looks like he stole my tools but didnt get my BOAB though.


And he scraped in both directions without taking the blade off the glass.

But He soaped it first so it’s ok right?JK

Looks like he’s a fan of the ORANGE campaign.:wink:

3 to 4 seconds for the window and 5 minutes to wash the floor of all the drips + plus slipped disc in the process:)

I don’t know who this guy is, but he is sure getting a lot of hate sent his way. Maybe he’s right, and maybe it is because he’s black.

“repeat as necessary, just like shampoo” … he has no hair?

hey johnny, didnt we just watch your video where you left your poles on the ground and people had to step over them? too many idiots with video cameras wanting to be important. I think he made this video for fun. I didnt find it offensive at all. If anything, he helps us professionals by creating low expectations for the customer.

At least he wet the glass …
Probably the loooooooooongest demo I’ve EVER seen.

Scraping in both directions without lifting the blade off the glass could result in scratches due trapped debris being dragged across the glass. Wet glass is irrelevant – it won’t prevent scratches in that scenario.