Residential Window Cleaning walkthrough

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has a specific flow of how they do a residential window cleaning job from start to finish?


show up at the job 15 minutes earlier than promised (good impression / punctuality)
greet the property owner reiterate the details of the work to be performed
set-up at the site with tools, towels, ladders, signage to display on the front lawn while there, etc.
(if screens are to be cleaned) remove all screens at once or go window by window starting at the top and working your way downwards
do you start with the exterior or interior windows first?
track detailing? (do you vacuum the tracks then wipe em down? Do you lubricate the tracks too?
do you keep separate towels for detailing tracks and frames vs window only towels?
what is included in a track detailing kit? (bucket, vacuum, long handled brush 4", lubricant

Any information from experienced WC helps greatly.


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