Responsibid lightbox style

Is the light box style form considered to be a pop up by other browsers? I randomly get customers that say that when they press the button to get an estimate, it does nothing. I’m wondering if a pop up blocker may be to blame.

My guess is they have Javascript disabled in their browser. I don’t believe the lightbox is an actual popup, though it appears similar to one.

or possibly they have an outdated browser that just doesn’t support the script/code/voodoo it uses, lol.

[MENTION=3471]Alex Lacey[/MENTION] You are exactly correct. We are making adjustments as we speak that will require even less from a browser. But it would be interesting to collect the information of the people who are not having success with it, so that we can better understand who is having problems.

Also, for faster response with ResponsiBid questions, don’t forget to ask your questions at

Thanks Curt!
Is there any questions you want me to ask my customers if something like this happens? More than grateful to help you help me, lol.

and just a fyi, curt… Things fritzed out on me the other day. Started sending me reminder emails to follow up with customers that I either already serviced or declined service. Not only did it send me the follow up emails but it sent emails to those customers

and since I’m at it, while on, under bid history at the bottom it would be far more useful if under bid history, the closed tab would list customers in descending order instead of ascending. It does me no good to see what customers closed in March, however the ones that closed this month would be nice.

And I just want to say that the best thing that I’ve ever invested in was my website from ambidextrous services. She gave me a golden website. And responsibid brought it to platinum. Thanks Curt

Awesome Tim! I’m glad to hear that it’s helped your website so much.

Yeah, we saw that fritz out and fixed the server so that that could never happen again.

As far as listing closed and declined in the proper order, you have an excellent point and I’ve been meaning to get that taken care of for a while. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll bring it up in our development meeting on Monday.

Also, if you are going to collect information from your customers, be sure to ask them which operating system they’re using, and which browser that they are using including it’s version.