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Responsibid is a great product. We have been using it since it’s inception and have sold many jobs with it. Since it now can work with The Customer Factor, we starting to use it in our office as well. Curt is always building onto the product and adds new innovative options frequently. There are a lot of things I really love about it but one aspect that stands out is the way it automatically follows up with the customers via email. Follow up is one part of my business that sometimes get’s overlooked.


I’m brand new and haven’t built a website yet. Can you use Responsibid without a website? If so, how?

Absolutely. You can just login and run bids just like you would from the website right within the admin area, except you will also have the admin controls. Let me know if you want me to set you up with a tour. It’s pretty slick!

Ok… But how do you draw attention to your account. I’m still doing a lot of door to door, mostly going to Realty offices…I guess what I’m asking us how do people find ME on Responsibid?

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If you want that aspect of ResponsiBid, you’ll need a website to install it on. But the nice thing about ResponsiBid is that if you use it on your tablet or phone while in person or over the phone (as the admin) you can still present incredible quotes, automatically email the quotes to your prospective clients (and have their email address for the future), automate the followup, and track which methods are having the highest close rates, and highest average invoice.

So yes, if you want to send traffic to the site, you’ll need a site. But if you don’t have a site, you can use ResponsiBid as a really awesome tool to give quotes and not have to worry about people getting lost in the cracks while have a bidding hub that provides consistently awesome proposals to customers that naturally upsell.

Wow, this is a really old thread, and Responsibid has changed a lot since back in the day. I love Responsibid and use it for just about every single bid, whether we do a phone quote, or I or one of my people does an in-person quote. Great software.

The automatic follow-up emails save me so much time and make me so much money. I often get a reply to one of my emails that Responsibid sent automatically, where someone is thanking me for the reminder and booking a job. I love looking like a hero… especially when I don’t have to do anything.

Andddd… my customer’s love it. check out this Angie’s List review.

It works. Its simple. Its worth it. Period.

I love responsibid.

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ResponsiBid is awesome! Curt is the man…

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Someone told me once that there is one window per 100 sq. ft. of an average house.

Does anyone know if this is accurate?



It’s kinda regional newer homes tend to have more but I have found 10 per 1k square feet is pretty accurate

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Yeah the rough quote option was not a good solution for us in the Phoenix area since homes & buildings vary so much.

I am not far south of you guys and it’s the same scenario here. I am really liking this software so far. I don’t have any hard numbers yet to throw out there. But I look forward to making heads turn when the SoAZ season starts.