ResponsiBid Reviews

Talk to me guys. Who’s using it and hows it working out for you?

Andrew, I use it and I love it! And I just started my company three months ago, so I haven’t even used it to its full potential yet. Curt is making it so you can customize everything. I have booked jobs using it that saved me driving 30-45 min and back for an estimate, not to mention saves time talking on the phone too. The program really sells your packages as well. I have mine set up to where if I sell deluxe packages all day that’s fine with me. The premium is there really to make my deluxe price look more reasonable and to let the customer know that I am a high-end company capable of delivering a premium service.

Offering online bidding really set me apart from the competition too. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to get a price quickly anytime of day. I’ve had some jobs come in late at night while I was sleeping. That’s the cool thing about ResponsiBid; it never stops working for you. What Curt says is really true…its the cheapest employee you’ll ever have. Curt backs his product with GREAT customer service. He’s always been willing to help me out and is good about getting back to me whenever I have a question. Its great now, but Curt is not resting on his laurels. He is working hard to make it even better!

Once I figure out how to use it to its full potential and fully integrate it into my business, its going to be awesome. If it saves you from having to do a couple of in person bids or a couple hours on the phone each month, then its basically already paid for itself. Its just some much more professional looking than anything my competitors have, really sets me apart. Plus Curt has a 2-to-1 ROI guarantee. I think its almost a no-brainer

Dang bro you sound like an advertisement, sounds like it’s working out really well for you… Why does is seem to good to be true? Haha…

How many jobs has it booked you in 3 months if you don’t mind me asking

Ten in 3 months

Nice to hear, Curt’s a good man and It’s nice to hear how much he wants it to work for everyone

Andrew, a 2 to 1 ROI is easy, just 1 job a month (year avg) and it’s covered in excess!

Why don’t you use it then? Or you already have some other secret system in place that you use? I’m going to have to call you and pretend to be a customer :slight_smile:

I think I will try it, we’ll see how it goes…

let me get my violin out first,

ok here goes:

I’ve got design issues, packaging issues and in the middle of a “remodel” issues

it’s just soooooooooooooo much easier to just be “starting out” or at least not have a lot of investment of whatever, already established making it difficult to turn on a dime

But that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize the good thing Curt has going, I wish I had access to that simplicity 23 years ago! Oh that’s right, the internet didn’t even exist then in mainstream, were cd’s even out yet? oh yeah, barely, 2 years previous, lol

you’re starting out (relatively speaking) in a great time period, Andrew!

You old man, Glad that wasn’t 8tracks. I used Polaroid if that makes you feel better. LOL At least your not getting left in the dust now.

Where is this package yall are referring too

Responsibid | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

We book about a job a day from it.

I’m def planning on using responsibid as soon as my new wordpress site is up and optimized. Right now we are streamlining our customer service process and I don’t want to start another project yet.

I can’t tell you how much excitement I have when I read about the success people are having with ResponsiBid. Actually, I have had a lot of success myself with it at 5 Star Window Care. I just booked a job less than 15 minutes ago from it.

In any event, if you would like any reviews on ResponsiBid, check out this page. You can see on our home page, a great example of how Jason Evers recently leveraged it against Groupon to gather a ton of valuable data and even continue to make more profitable deals after his Groupon ended… That is a fun one to watch (the kiss at the end really made me chuckle)!

Anyway, if you’re thinking about it, but worry about the headache of setting it up, through the end of July I am offering a free setup on any of your site as long as you can get me the sign in credentials and the URL of the page(s) you want it on. (keep in mind that I will probably need a few days to get it done because I have a family reunion that I’m helping to put on).

Remember: you can buy it right here at WCR: Responsibid | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products and within a couple days I can have it on your site for you!

I like it…I just don’t like the recurring cost. Is there a one time price? It looks like a great system but I am sure a professional web developer could make a copy of it.

The recurring cost is because Curt is working on some awesome upgrades!

Okay then. We went live with Responsibid yesterday morning. Booked first job @ 10:26 am today. Deluxe house wash for $549.00. BAM!!!

I never left the office. Called customer personally to ask him his experience with the bidding process. He loved it!

Oh, and to all the haters here in my office who doubted me purchasing this software and questioning it’s ability to sell bigger ticket services, keep drinking your Hatorade.

I snorted on that one. That’s how you know I was really "LOL"ing. :smiley:

ResponsiBid is three things to me.

Simple. Effective. Epic.

Thank you all for your time, that will be all.

Oh man. Never admit to snorting!