I’d like to know what your experience has been with this program. I tried it years ago and gave up on it but it might be massively improved by now. How about a 1-10 rating of it if you use it.??

I have had it for several years and it works well for me. It’s on my website and enough people use it to make it worth having. It is nice not to have to go do every bid in person. There are a lot of functions
to it that I do not use and I find learning them difficult. So I give it a 10 for what I am using it for and 5-6 for ease of learning the rest.

I like it. In my opinion it’s a bit pricey but it helps people get a general idea of what it’ll cost. I always let people know when I talk to them that I do a quick walk around before the job starts to make sure the bid is correct and of course let them know if the price changes.
Also it makes it easy for the guys in the field to do a quick estimate if a customer wants to add a service.

i tried it a few years ago but i prefer and use quoteflare

I’ll try to keep this short.

I use it as my full system coupled with Jobber for scheduling.
The absolute BEST part of it is two things, in my opinion. You can write your own auto-response emails and 2 you can scheduled them. It actually gets work FOR YOU. If I clean someone today, my system is set up to send them reminder emails offering other services at 3-6-12 months later. SO many of my clients get the 12 month reminder and they’re like hey yeah, I do need to schedule, can you contact me to set something up? I had to do nothing to get that job except set Rbid up to send out an automated email reminder. That’s it. You can fine tune it so that if someone gets cleaned in the spring, set it up to send an email reminder in October/November to get a fall cleaning scheduled. Same thing for gutter cleaning. For the auto-response emails, you can write them yourself so that it sounds like you actually took the time to sit down and email John smith and tell him you were thinking about him and wondering if he needed a cleaning, but you’re actually sending out a form letter; the same email to everyone. Not having to go out and look at 85% of the jobs that come in is amazing because I have so much work coming in I can’t go look at every si for house these days. I went to responsicon in Arizona 2 years ago and their is a window cleaner who lives about 30 minutes away from me who won an award for the most amount of closed bids using Responsibid: 4400 jobs. Yes, you read that right. 4400 jobs. If you take the time to learn it and set it up, it WILL make you money. It will pay for a month of itself with less than the price of one job. I haven’t even touched on being able to set up your own services in the system and how to customize them. It’s ridiculous how deep you can get into it with fine tuning to get the prices accurate.

I think my concern is accuracy of bids using this software. Thanks for your feedback.

Do you find that the online bids delivered are profitable when it comes time to show up and do the work at the rates RB gave the prospect? I have this vision of RB giving quotes and finding nightmares when we show up and then having to negotiate a bunch of extra charges based on what we see.

The rates RB gives are what you set it up to give. You set the pricing in RB. So the pricing is the same as if you did it in person. However, if the customer doesn’t fill out the form right then there are discrepancies. I always make a point of walking the house when I get there, before doing any work, just in case there is a difference.

How often do you find conditions such that you have to negotiate a different rate?

we use quoteflare ,more than 99% of our quotes are 100% accurate. we call every customer even if they have accepted to go over questions/answers. odd ball houses are still run through it to see what it says and compare to what i am thinking. when my daughter calls about an oddball house she is not sure about my first question is always “what does quoteflare say” and my response is often " go with that"

Thanks D. Very helpful.