Restaurant Grease on Glass

We picked up a large national chain of steak houses that have interior glass where customers can see the cooks do there thing. The kitchen side of the glass gets horribly greasy and took us way too long to get it clean with just Dawn and our squeegees. Basically it just smeared the grease around.

Anyone have a good suggestion of something we can put of that side of the glass to cut the grease off before we clean it our “normal way?”


never heard of Sugarsoap…

Use a seperate strip washer for the grease, otherwise you’ll smear it all over the rest of the job.

We use Simple Green or Titan Green. From what others have been saying maybe Ecover would work?

ha…yeah, we learned that the hard way!

Try Microfiber!

A microfiber sleeve will help cut though the grease and not smear it around, with a lot less effort. Soaking in a little degreaser helps, finish with a microfiber cloth.

We actually sell the microfiber sleeve to restaurants for hood cleaning.

good luck,

I find the same results on grease whether a microfiber or “regular” strip. It’s just going to be a lot of scrubbing. Use a separate bucket of water, it won’t contaminate your good h2o. And have you tried the white scrub pads? They sell them here at WCR.

Now had a same problem with a coffee house here all the grease and smoke from where they do the cooking.
Some how end up on the higher glass real thick.

Got one restore diluted 1 to 3 water.

Applied it with the scrubber that is used to applie chemicals.

Give it a good scrubbing.

Using a old scrubbing sleeve to wash and squeegeee.

It should be right to do a normal clean.

You could also use a doodle bug with a scrubbing pad on it.

Simple Green (or another degreaser such as Titan Green or citrus, etc.) mixed with your solution, dwell time, and white pads. Use a segregated solution, then clean as usual.

Degreasers work great on this kind of stuff. I have even kept a spray bottle with strong concentrate of degreaser and directly sprayed in on the grease and let is set while i am cleaning other ‘normal’ glass and when i came back the grease was pretty well broken up. I find myself scrubbing less this way.

Try purple power mix it half and half with water in a spray bottle. Spray about 30 seconds before you clean with the strip washer and clean as normal!

We do about 180 restaurants here in Denver and we use a 70/30 mix of alcohol and water, spray it on let it sit for a minute then scrub it off.

avoid inside resturants completely.