Restoration Revolution #4

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Love it, love it ,love it! Very good episode!!

Thank you

Hey thanks everyone for taking a moment to watch Restoration Revolution Ep. 4. Remember, if you have any questions, this is the place to ask. Between Alex, Chris, Cody, Myself, and some of our users who are on the forum, we will be able to answer whatever you throw our way. This is a very profitable service to provide and it is a service that sells itself. Lets educate everyone on glass restoration! They arent replacing the window, and they arent happy with damaged glass. We can make them feel good about 2 things when repairing their windows. #1 They are going to save money! #2 They dont have bad looking glass anymore! Its like the saying goes, a clean car is a happy car…right? A clean piece of glass is a happy piece of glass! And we all know that when someone is happy, it really shows!

Great advice! Since you started the series I find myself looking for scratched glass everywhere I go. Now to start bidding it up!

Had a GlassRenu user stop by yesterday. This is what he had to say!

// Testimonial - Max Livingstone - YouTube

I would imagine that all smaller jobs would be quoted based on visual inspection, but what about when called upon by companies that may provide you with a ton of work. Like let’s say a builder/Property manager/corporate office, etc. calls you up because they have many locations with damaged glass but they want to know your rates. Obviously you could be dealing with a huge array of damage types and different types of windows/glass. Do you talk rates in general, ballpark based on scenarios or is your response more in line with “gotta see it to quote it.”

I know with window cleaning, some builders and CCU companies (in my area at least) can often be the rudest people on the phone when asking 'so what do you charge?" like as if there is just one pricing scheme and they seem to get annoyed when I start asking questions like what type of debris, size of house, number of windows, etc.

I would also like to know this as well.