Retirement plans

Business owners anybody would share/recommend what they do for their retirement?

Good question but do you mean specifically how we invest/save to get there or what we do while retired?

Yes how to invest/save for retirement.

Index funds with Vanguard. Ask your CPA what will be the most tax-advantaged way to structure/invest for your circumstances and goals.

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Vanguard is (usually) incredible if you can get in. The last few years have been dicey because of the economy though.

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Like Alex said, anything with a V in front of it will grow well over time but talk to a professional for specific investment advice.

My plan…

  1. I save for taxes and investment real-estate in a savings account getting 3.4% interest right now. (immediately liquid)

  2. I also construct “GIC ladders” at 5% that will eventually come up to maturity every 2 weeks like a paycheck and I’ll either take it or stick it back in. (semi liquid)

  3. S&P 500 through Vanguard Index Funds. (not liquid). I have a good friend who is working well past retirement because his 401k is down 15%. He entrusted others to decide what to with his life’s savings. This should have been his responsibility. Very sad.

One of the best things you can do at this time to gaurentee returns is keep your income safe and invest in your health and mind.


All great advice. Google search “investment calculator”. What may not seem like much saving away now will end up being very substantial at retirement. You will be pleasantly suprised after you hit “calculate”.

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I’ve been putting 200 a month into an IRA for the last 10 years. Accountant told me to up it this year. Or was that last year :thinking:Havnt yet :weary:, it now that I read this I might move on that.

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I’ll probably rent my house and move to Mexico or the Philippines.