Reusable Shoe Covers

I’m looking to get some good reusable shoe covers. I found some no hands shoe covers and I’m wondering if anybody has tried anything like this? Or do you have a suggestion…something you like?

Yule are nice. I’ve heard good feedback from guys that use them.

I use shoe covers from ShoeBee. They are thick, and I reuse them several times. They even fit a BIG shoe, which was HARD for me to find.

The ones sold in the store here are pretty nice. Reusable, washable, and awesome customer service from the manufacturer. I had the elastic in one fail on a Friday- I called the number on the tag (got a live person), and I had a new pair in my mailbox on Monday, free of charge. Can’t beat that.

^^ Those ones look awefully heavy and clunky, to me

Not sure if these are the ones Alex is talking about, But I have a couple of pairs of these . Good shoe covers!

TreadRight Boot And Shoe Covers

These are the ones I got:Pro Shoe Covers

I gotta stay off these forums! Just bought the pro covers! All 5 star reviews on Amazon. $19.75 and free shipping…couldn’t resist!

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I have a pair from Duluth Trading they work great.

I got some Booties (fabric over covers) from WCR a few years ago, and they have an anti slip tread on the underside, and are dexterous enough to be able to use them on a ladder and feel thru them… still in good shape and i get good comments about them from customers…

I use the same ones. They last a long time

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I wanted to buy some more but WCR don’t seem to do them anymore… probably a discontinued item as they last so long…lol

Are you referring Booty Boots? If so, they seem to have gone out of business. Last I heard they signed a deal with a nationwide cable company to outfit their techs coast to coast… Sometimes a deal like that can make or break you. The Pro Shoe Covers are just like them and priced right. The [URL=“”]TreadRight covers are also awesome if you where boots.

Yeah thats the ones, Booty Boots. Was a while back i last looked.

Although pro shoe looks extremely similar!

I like the look of the Treadright, but i hate velcro… perhaps I’ll have to get the wifes sewing skills to work to use a popper/s instead…

I have had my Booty Boots for at least 1 1/2 years. I am sure the ones WCR carries are just as good

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I’ve got the pro shoe covers that WCR sells now. They’re good, but not as good as my booty boots were!

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