Reverse fanning/swirl technique with a Wagtail

The purpose of this video is to show the possibility of the Wagtail swivel action in awkward situations. I wouldn’t usually do railing glass this way, especially with the availablity of wfp’s. either way, enjoy!
[video=youtube_share;ktXlHzQCY64]Wagtail Squeegee Reverse Technique - YouTube

Thank you Mark!!

I appreciate very much. All the knowledge you bring to the table here. Your willingness to impart/share with other’s…
It is a massive resource you have provided for those beginning. As well a good refresher/ pointers on how to improve. For those farther down the road.
You help make this place what it is!!

Cheers John

Thanks for the nice words John. I’m always glad to hear when someone is finding benefits in what I present in my videos.

Mark, I always enjoy your videos. Your always so calm and peaceful. I hate doing those railings. IT goes really quick if you use a long wide bodied channel with 2 swipes along with a long strip washer. It requires a lot less torquing your body.

Yes I agree. And as mentioned, i normally wouldn’t do them this way. this was more to show the twchnique than anythin else. :slight_smile:

Got it. Sorry I missed that. Either way a job with a bunch of these are a pain as its hard to go faster.

Hey thanks for another good video Mark…Just another way to make a happy client.