Review Contest This Weekend

I’m going to give away a XERO Silencer to one person that leaves a “product review” this weekend. Review any product in the store good or bad.

  1. No purchase necessary

  2. Winner chosen by

  3. One entry per product reviewed. 1 review = 1 entry. 20 reviews = 20 entries.

  4. It should be a product that you have actually reviewed. Please no fake reviews!

All product reviews from Saturday and Monday will be counted. I will pick the winner at random Monday morning at 11 Am East Coast.


Thanks for the contest @cris
I reviewed all the products I use everyday .

Cool! I have a few things ordered that I needed to review and this is perfect timing

*Edit: sloppy fingers added strong text in odd spots.

I submitted a few reviews with the name HD, good luck everyone!

I’ll go in for this also.

Thank you to everyone who participated! The winner of the free Xero Silencer was Austin Grubbs! We really appreciate everyone who took the time to write a review(s) so we will be sending some t-shirts out to follow up winners!

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Congrats Austin!

Thanks for the chance at winning the silencer .
And congrats Austin .