Review the Pulex Bucket Tool Talk With Mark the Window Cleaner

Mark Kills it again! Episode # 5 Pulex Bucket Review.

Awesome Mark Thanks!


[SIZE=5][B]Pulex Bucket Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Nice job Mark.

I might suggest adding a Minor Threat sticker to the bucket.

Good job Mark, I think I’ll order a couple. Any idea what the life span of the plastic clips is? I hate plastic clips.

I love those plastic clips - get the biggies - it holds more squeegees. For some reason quite hard to get hold of in Europe.

I’ve only been using the clips for a few months (used to use the metal sieve a lot) but they seem pretty durable.

According to the WCR store, the plastic clips are included. BONUS!

Yet another fine job Mark! I love the Pulex bucket it’s the one I started w/ and have never had a problem w/ it.

Great demo, Mark! I’m getting one tomorrow.

Nice idea Larry.
I had mine lettered w/ my logo on both sides.

For CCU service, I always use the sieve on my Unger bucket to hold the hog’s hair brush. Otherwise, I go commando.

I think I’m going to be sick!:stuck_out_tongue: