Review the Swivel Handle Tool Talk With Mark the Window Cleaner

[CENTER]Mark Strikes again! An outstanding review of Swivel handles.


[SIZE=5][B]Swivel Handles Available here![/B][/SIZE]


Good show Mark - you think of everything. Funnily enough I’ve had so many Unger handles collapse on me - I’ve given up on them.

Another great review Mark. I personally prefer the Ettore, ironically because it’s sturdier. If you like the lighter feel you might try the Contour Pro+ from Ettore. It’s my personal favorite and available from the store here. Again great job Mark!

I just ordered it yesterday. :slight_smile:

Again, for me it’s just a feel thing. I know strength wise the Ettore is superior but I just can’t get used to the feel of that handle in my hand.

Good job Mark.

I recently bought the ettore pro grip. Not a swivel handle but I thought I would mention it. I’ve used it for about 3 weeks. After getting use to it, I really like it!. On a scale one 1 to 10…I rate it at 9 for a fixed handle.
Call me suborn, I’m not convinced enough to purchase Unger squeegees. I like the idea of a clipless squeegee. I often slide my handles along the channel to get to tough to reach windows. Ungers dont compare to the ettore quick release.

I should also say that I wrap my handles. It gives them a more comfortable feel. I’ll take a pic of the handle and let you see it.

I saw the other pics you posted of your tool belt and noticed that you wrapped your handles. I should try that with my Ettore handle and give it a whirl sometime.

Thanks for the tip!

Tennis racket grip tape? Bicycle handle grip tape? Skateboard deck grip tape? :smiley:

Great review Mark. Always enjoy listening to you. One of my favorite tools is the Unger zero degree swivel handle. Can you do a review on zero degree handles? They’re awesome. I just saw a thread on the Ettore Contor Handle. It is a zero degree handle and a swivel handle all in one. Some people think it is a POS and some think it is great. Could you show us why?

I’ve got the Unger 0° handle and use it in special applications. Certainly not an everyday tool for me but don’t worry. you’ll get a review on it. :wink:

It’s a foam backed tennis racket grip tape made by Wilson. The company not the ball from Castaway!:smiley:

that is a good handle right there,can close out any sill,and on a pole you can fan with it
seems like unger comes out with a new make every year,good stuff and even better when modified

Speaking of modifying, I took my unger zero degree handle apart and put a Ettore quick release flip on it and replaced the Unger back plate with teeth with a plain Ettore back plate. Now I can slide any size Steccone Featherweight channel into my Unger zero degree handle. I really like the Steccone Featherweight handles and channels.


Man, you guys with your pimped out gear simply amaze me!

Great stuff guys. :slight_smile:

My wife uses Featherweight channels in her Contour handles. She loves them!

So what exactly are you saying? Real men don’t use featherweight channels only girls.

I often wake at night in terror…unsure if he (Wilson) survived his swim. He seemed to have his own PFD (Personal Flotation Device) yet, he never made it back to the raft nor onto the ship. further, we see Mr. Hanks back on land and moving on…but no more Wilson.

That troubles me.

those sharks…

Of course not.:stuck_out_tongue: I know at least one other guy that uses Featherweights. So that means girls and 2 guys use Contours.;):smiley:

I have the unger 0° swivel and I think its worth mentioning that it is awkward to use with my unger boab. The dial gets in the way often when i slide it in if my scrubber handle is facing the same direction. Sometimes I find my self trying to slide it in out of habit but having to take it out, flip it and slide it back in so the dial adjuster doesnt sit on top of the scrubber handle.

The loose tension is also a great setting for fanning with a pole.