RFPs - do deadlines matter?

What’s the point of a company sending out an RFP with a deadline for submission… If they allow contractors to submit AFTER the deadline! @anon46335951 @Mulchtank

Just venting. :rage:

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RFPs can be so irritating.

A person that has no clue organizes the process.
Frustrating to work your tail off to meet deadlines, being prepared to find submissions were allowed after.


I think I probably lost the bid when I replied to the property manager’s email with “Thank you for letting me know. I surely hope timely submission of proposals as outlined in the RFP wins us a point or two :grin:.”

I do the same thing.

It may hurt my chances but at the same time they need to know an RFP is business, be professional and guidelines should be followed or dont set false timelines.

My wife usually rides my tail and encourages me to re word things at times.