RHG backpack in use

I forgot I had this video of the event in Bloomington. Here’s the backpack in action on windows that hadn’t been cleaned in 11 years.

//youtu.be/- YouTube

what happened to the vid Tony?

It’s up now B.:o

How heavy is that tank when its full?

How often do you refill it?

And when do you find is the best application to use the tank compared to having a hose hook up to lets say a DI tank or some other system?

that back pack would be nice on some store fronts where there isnt any water hookup. Like Craig used to say, get it done “Quick and Sick”. Ive got a few where i would definitely use that thing on.

This would be great on some smaller accounts where hooking everything up may take longer then the cleaning. For example a Fatz cafe, Olive Garden, or even a small single story house. Just take the backpack off the truck, clean the outside, and watch it dry as you clean the inside.

Yup thats what im talking about. Im seriously thinking of ordering one of those

We have been using one for the past couple of months and the guys love it. Perfect like you said for repeat commercial stuff.

[SIZE=6]Available here[/SIZE]

I’m thinking of getting one for my monthly house route.

How heavy is it when its full and on your back?

If you use it on a single story will one full tank generally do the job?

Looks to be a 3-4 gallon container (doesn’t say
in the ad). At 8 pounds per gallon of water that’s
24-32 pounds.

I think that model is 18 - 20 liters, so around 4.5 gallons US. I have the Omnipole backpack, which is a 4.5 gallon, but with an 80psi pump.

I didn’t have any problem w/ it, weightwise. It’s a 5 gallon tank so it will do a few windows. We used one tank that afternoon on several TDL doors and several windows before it needed a refill. If you buy a few Culligan 5 gallon water jugs you can carry enough water to do several average houses or quite a bit of storefront.

You wouldn’t want it on your back for more than a couple of hours, they’re 6 or 7kg empty, plus 18kg of water (1kg per litre).

At a flow rate of 1.5 litres a minute, you’d get 12 minutes of use between fills.
I know ppl using less than 1 litre a minute who say they get more work done usin backpacks than they used to using hoses.
It all depends on your work tho. I personally think they are great for awkward access areas, but hoses are easier and quicker in most other situations.

With the recent talk about the backpacks, i decided to give mine another try. I put a ball valve on it, filled a couple of 5 gallon jerry cans with pure water and headed out.i did the main window on a church with one complete refill, so a total of 10 gallons of water. i used the method once described by Tony- wet the glass, turn off the pump for a scrub, then turn it back on for rinse. the peak on this window is 35’ from the ground, just for some perspective. Likely 38’ across the bottom of the triangle.

I got my backpack today! I’ll be using it tomorrow on a big wfp job that has some windows near some exterior stairs that I can’t get w/ the pole. Now I can run up the stairs w/ my backpack and knock em out quick and sick!

Tony, don’t run on the stairs !!! :slight_smile:

What if I promise not to run w/ scissors?:smiley:

I have been using my backpack for a couple years now. The key to using a backpack efficiently is water conservation. Low pressure, small jets, an on/off switch. Also may I recommend using a hog’s hair brush from RHG because it holds more water for scrubbing when the water is turned off. The pencil jets seem to rinse better with the backpacks lower water volume than fan jets in my opinion. In England the backpack is very popular and their forums have more to say about it’s use.

Hey Tony,
Nice video as usual!
You seemed to be using a TON OF WATER for backpack WFPing in that video. JMO

Hey thats true Mike. What you said about the back pack wetting the window alittle cause that brush sure scrubbers better to me with not so much water. I have tried you way. Its saves water and time dude. Also liked the Idea about setting 5 gallon jugs around the house to re-fill. Less trips to my van. Man the back pack rock’s for me…
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