RHG Denver... Any more info for those of us going?

Hey just a quick shout out to RHG, many of us are looking forward to the water fed extravaganza! Shawn, can you give us a little more info on what to expect? :slight_smile:


Wow, a little shocked here… 49 hits but no RHG reply… Shawn, did you go on vacation with out asking any of us!? JK :slight_smile:

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75… No response yet :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to hearing Kevin D. speak in July! That will be cool, it will be even cooler if I win a new copy of his book :slight_smile:

Shawn… Where are you bud?

This is the first I’ve heard of this. When are the dates/times?

Hey there.

Didn’t see this till now.

The event is on July 13th.

Here is the link to register.

RHG July Waterfed Extravaganza 2012

Its a totally FREE event and a great way to get your hands on gear before buying!

We will have demos, technique info, how to’s etc.

For those coming in from out of town, we have negotiated a lower rate for you at a local hotel.

Kevin Dubrosky is going to be on hand to speak about marketing pure water cleaning to your customers.

We will also be giving away a total of 15 of his awesome book ($600 per hour)!

Do you know if the tickets have been sent out yet?

Here is what the website says when ordering tix.

If you do not receive your shipped tickets within 5 business days, please contact us immediately at support@BrownPaperTickets.com or by phone 1-800-838-3006.

If you didn’t get your ticket via mail, just let me know.

Looking forward to having you out here.

Hey Shawn, since you’re on right now:

(feel free to move this thread, powers that be)

I picked up a Gardinier Super light 48’ extreme, and the adapter piece to link it to SLX Modular #6 sections I already have. I like the return of the “ruffer” CF wrap; wasn’t a huge fan of the smooth 47’ SuperMAX. Very light, very rigid. The adapter and modular pieces work well, but what’s up with the clamps/adjustments on the telescoping pole?

If I understand this, you are supposed to max out the upper sections, using the lower for fine adjustments, as the upper sections are not uniform thickness. I assume this is weight/strength compromise?

Over the past two weeks, we’ve found every move of the LOWER sections also requires adjusting the tension screw on the clamp. Slips otherwise. We have 10 other WFP’s, including 3 other Gardiniers. Are we missing something here?

Hey Steve,

I will have Alex Gardiner himself answer you on here.

Thanks for supporting RHG Products.


Thank you sir! :slight_smile:
I knew if I built it they would come…

There is a group of us coming over from KS, we are excited to say the least!!

Thanks also about the tickets, my group has not received any yet. We’ll call and find out on Monday.

Hi Steve

As you’ve noticed the Xtreme range is much lighter and more rigid than our standard pole ranges. The issue that you are having may simply be down to not extending each of the sections quite far enough. When clamping sections 1-7 into the fully extended position you need to extend them so that all of the inch deep red band is fully showing. The sections only widen back out below the bottom edge of this red band. If this is not your issue then please email me on alex@agardiner.co.uk.

I received an email from the Brown Paper Tickets company last night.

Seems like they are not actually going to be mailing tickets out (even though it is an option) because the event is free.

So, either print out your email confirmation or just show up.

The registering and getting a ticket is really more for us to know how many are coming. Food and seats, etc.

how many people are you expecting?

We are now a day away… Who’s going?