RHG GutterPro - Gutter Vacuum Systems

If you are interested in Gutter Vac systems I’m happy to answer any questions you may have regarding ours.

Here is a link to the 3x8 Vac, a 3 x 800 watt motor vacuum that we use for our gutter vac systems.

We have a number of these in the field being used by companies in Canada and US.

Here is the link to these products - Gutter Cleaning Add On Services - The Gutter Tool and more – WindowCleaner.com

how much ?


$1690 for the complete kit. Pole and Vac available separately as well - Gutter Cleaning | Add On Service | Window Cleaning Resource

How about a video of system being put together and used?
Thank You
Jason Leman

Does anyone have any feedback on this or other gutter vacuums? They appear to be all the rage in Australia and Europe, but it seems like people here prefer to do things by hand. I’d like to minimize ladder time. Do gutter vacuums really work?

We have this unit. It works. Took us a lot of practice but it works. It’s almost all we use now.

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Is anyone using this unit or any vac system in an area with pine needles? Both short needles (Spruce, Sugar Pine) and long needles (Ponderosa, Long leaf).

Please weigh in as my current vac system is anemic when encountering these trees.

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@RHG_Products - Hi. I recently purchased the 2000 watt eVACuator in order to divert/reclaim water when pressure washing. I also bought a 35 ft. gutter pole from Tucker. So far I’ve only used the vacuum to divert water storm drains, it does this very well and has no problem keeping up with the flow of water when pressure washing.

I also planned to use the vacuum for gutter cleaning next rainy season but I realize now that it’s not designed for that purpose and was wondering if you think it will work.

The main issues I see is that the Hose inlet is only 1.5" and I believe that your gutter vac has a 2" hose. But when purchasing I didn’t think it would be a big deal because the tucker pole is a 1.5" pole also.

Soooo…Whacha think?

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When i did use a industrial 3 motor unit to clear gutters i found it didn;t pick up needles types very well.

Should have seen the type of stuff i had to take out today, over 50Litres of compacted mud, roots etc - all done by hand, no other way.

Gutter vac’s have their place, but they are just a tool to use from your tool kit - they are not a one stop shop product.


Ummm…what happened to this thread?


I have one and have mixed feelings about it maybe I need more practice

The guys that use this, are you clearing downspouts traditionally with a ladder? Is there a way use the vac system to clear downspouts?

It has been 4 years of dormancy for this thread but I would like to learn more about gutter vacs.

Thank you.

I think WCR quit selling this vacuum for various reasons. I use the SkyVac and like it. There are some other vacs that are a lot cheaper but lack the side inlet that helps them not clog among other features. I did a lot of research on “comparable models”before I bought the SkyVac. It’s not a one and done gutter cleaning solution. I still use a ladder and walk a roof sometimes. It does well with anything I throw at it. I’m located in the Pacific Northwest.

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We have sold gutter vacs on and off through out the years. The RHG system and the Skyvac are of nice quality. However we have found that the vast majority of people that purchase them… Seem to have some level of disappointment.

Most likely it’s due to un realistic expectations.

We have decided to discontinue them at this point. Or until someone can further enhance them.

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