RHG H2Pro or Tucker- 3 stage water powered. Feedback for purchase?

New business looking for feedback for an RO/DI System?
Also looking at the Tucker CF WFP? Thoughts?
Thanks guys

Hey! I can certain ally help out with any questions you have on any system. As far as Tucker goes, they have shocked me more than I think any company has. Their products are blowing me away. Shawn is always innovating over there and since taking over they have really hit a home run.

Feel free to text me, email me, Vox me, Facebook message me or anything. I’m always available. 862-312-2026

Hey Josh,
Thank you so much for your response. I am in the process of selecting an RO/Di system. I have looked at all brands and I am taking a liking to Shawns products at RHG. Looking at the water powered units and if I need pressure I an add a pump. Also looking at the Tucker CF 45.
Shawn had mentioned some trip of deal is coming out on Feb 1 on a 4 stage system??
Do you work at RHG? Are you a window cleaner?
I appreciate any advice you can give me.
Lake Region Windows

Sent ya a PM