RHG H2Pro RO/DI 3-Stage w/ Hose Reel Add-on (Southern California)


Pick up only from So. Cal. Thanks for looking!

Were you not happy with the system?

I am actually pretty happy with how the system performs and how J Racensteins who can take care of any potential issues is so close to me. (Santa Ana, CA) It’s just that the unit is a bit heavy for me to unload it if it needs to be close to the water source and I am a one-man operation half the time, so I am looking for something lighter and compact now.

take the hose reel off so it’s lighter and get rhino hose to run between the unit and the tap 100 feet is very light and very tough

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Thanks for the tip. It does take about 25 lbs off the unit, but I still don’t think its a good one man operation system. I’m not a particular big guy and it’s just a bit much to move around. I tried my friend’s EZ Pure and loved how compact it is. H2Pro might have longer RO filter life, but I am all about compact now.

The EZ is very portable with the strap. And at a great price now with free pole https://windowcleaner.com/rhg-ez-pure-ro-di-caddy
Feel free to call or text me 24/7 if I can help with set up.

@seanktm I’m actually looking for something more compact myself. I do all by hand for now. This is nice setup, 68lb is heavy for sure. I was thinking about Tucker DI for $250. Or make my own DI.

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I took the reels off, and it’s been pretty manageable so far even for one person. The Tucker DI is a great option to start with. That way, you can spend more money on the pole and go full carbon fiber from the get-go and then switch to a RO/DI unit later on. Unfortunately, I live in So Cal., and a RO unit is not an option but a must.

Thanks for reply. Yeah I live in So Cal. too and after research I just don’t get it seeing people using only DI. Did you see EZ PRO RO/DI for $1k? 45lb…thinking about that one, for now

From what I have heard from different sources, DI only wouldn’t make a lot of sense in OC/LA area. I’m sure those that are using DI only are from other areas. As for the EZ Pure RO/DI for $999, I think it’s a great deal. I did hear that these filters are utilized best when stood vertically, but at that price, it’s hard to resist. I have a friend that has the system, and he seems to love it. If you’re interested in the system, I’d say go for it.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m thinking about EZ Pure, for 1K good deal. Although I like idea of wheal setup from Tucker (light), easier to carry. Soon I’ll decide. Should get my new 1st carbon pole Gardiner SLX 35’ from UK by end of this week, then filtration system decision :laughing: and debating about Rhino hose too :smirk:

Let me know if you need any help with your decision on a RODI. This one is perfect for a starter.

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I think the free hybrid pole deal with a purchase of EZ Pure ends on 2/27, so I’d make a decision soon if that’s a factor for you. You can sell the free pole back to make the purchase cost even less. But if you’re willing to spend 2k, I think Xero Pure is such a great deal. Now and long term.

Thanks Sean. Yes have to decide soon

I think Tucker is lighter, seems better for me. Even though it has smaller filters. But for my once in a while use it is enough. I don’t feel like carry 45LB EZ Pure :frowning: even though it costs half of Tucker. My back is not serving me well lately. Soon :smile: