RHG pump box pictures

I just bought the RHG Pump box and had to do so without any pictures of the contents. Here are some pictures for those (like me) who would like to see what they are buying. I hooked it up today pushing water through my Sim RO and .50 DI and then two seperate lines of 120 feet each with aqua-dapters and dual pencil jet brushes. It truly will run two poles. My starting pressure was about 40psi and each brush was pusing water 4-5 inches out each brush. If my starting pressure was greater I would have even better flow. I really like the pump box. I wanted something quite and this is just what I was looking for. You can also adjust the pressure if you choose with the valve on the front of the box. My only design suggestion is that glass pressure gauge was not sticking out so far. I am afraid it will get broken. If the box were bigger the gauge and valve could be inside the box with a cut out in the box to see the gauge.

Very cool! Thanks so much for posting this info with your photos. Ive been holding out until I saw some actual photos. Really appreciate it. Correct me if Im wrong but is this the double pump box or the single?

Yes this is the double pump.

What size pumps do they use? gpm and psi?

Glad you like it. Great setup for low pressure taps or to run 2 poles.

Hi, What is the make/model of these pumps? are these normal 12v delivery pumps?

I can see they are sure flow pumps… Are they 1 gpm pumps?

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I will find that info and post it today. I think they are 1.5 gpm

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That would be nice to know. Some of the manufacturers act like that is a nuclear secret. Thanks John.

It is100 PSI pump that does 1 gpm.

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Thanks, John.

just in case for some reason down the road the valve broke and you were on a job or needing it for a job coming up in a day … Where can you go get one of these for the time being ? Don’t think it is a very expensive item but could you find another one like it to replace it at a H.D - LOWES - ACE ?

It is a pretty beefy valve, but it does stick out and maybe could get whacked off. I guess I would just bypass the valve in a pinch. After all the valve just lowers the pressure. I put mine in front of an RO and also a DI tank so most of the time I have it running full bore anyway to get enough pressure.

This is a good question. The valve on the outside of the box was a concern of mine before I purchased. I wish the box was bigger with the valve on the inside with a cut out so you could see the gauge. Maybe the improved version will change that if their is one??

It does look pretty stout but crazy things do happen when you would least expect it to. I thought if worse came to worse one could probably use a pressure regulator that is used for a air compressor that is just the valve and gauge as the bleed valve bottle would be useless. i do understand there could be a difference since one regulates a gas and one regulates liquid.
I do not have this RHG product but as i was reading this thread and saw the pics the valve unit popped out and made me think about the
WHAT IF’S ! I just have the luck with things that if it can’t be broken i am the person to be the one to break it by not even trying … Some people have great luck and hit the lottery … Me on the other hand that is a different story. LOL