Richard Kiyosaki - Genius or a fraud? (Rich Dad Poor Dad author)

I’ve read some thing online about [B]Robert Kiyosaki[/B] (messed up his name in title) that he isn’t who he says he is, and much of the facts of his life have not been verified. Is Richard a liar or is he simply have some jealous enemies?

I enjoyed reading the Rich Dad Poor dad books and planned to use much of what I learned in my business. Now I’m having a hard time reading any more advice from him, and I’m troubled by his apparent lack of credibility.

[COLOR=Blue]Do you mean [/COLOR][SIZE=-1][COLOR=Blue][B][I]Robert[/I][/B] Kiyosaki?

If so, I don’t think you have much to worry about. His [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][COLOR=Blue]expert[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][COLOR=Blue] advice on [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][COLOR=Blue]investing and business development has been endorsed by many other proven financial people such as Dave Ramsey.

I don’t know what specifically what you are referring to but I would approach it like any other business advice. “Eat the orange and spit out the seeds.” :)[/COLOR]

Sorry, Robert.


Find me a successful person and I will find you a fleet of critics (heck, look at the Patriots… they receive plenty even though they are clearly the best ever)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad had a huge impact on me. If he did not live every detail as stated in the book, so what? Is he mega successful now? Is he incredibly smart with his businesses? Does he take risks with nothing but know-how and his gut and win? He is real alright. Look at his body of work, not some bitch whining with nothing to show but… whining.

The Internet can be a dangerous place to find reasons not to do something or give us one of those drive crushing “see, I knew he could not have achieved that”.

Go through life shallow and in a shallow pond will you live.

CFP: I’m looking for reasons to believe in him and his body of work. I’m not trying to slam him. I loved reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad it changed a lot of my thinking.

Mike if it changed you in a positive way, does anything else matter.

Quit searching for reasons to believe in him and look into the reasons you feel it changed you.

Rocky, a total work of fiction, yet it was voted the most inspiring movie of all time.

I was inspired by Rich Dad, Poor Dad, but the big change for me was my view of money. Everything he said about that and all his little stories all lead to what [B]I feel[/B] is the greater truth.

I am going to start re-reading it again today…