Right time of year to start a window cleaning business


I’m looking at investing in a small startup window cleaning business to help support a friend that is currently unemployed. My only concern is regarding the time of year, does it make sense to start in winter? Can we expect to land work now or is it a very slow time of year?
We are in the TN, Knoxville.

Any advice will be much appreciated.



I’m gonna keep tabs on this chat because I’m basically doing the same thing besides helping a friend who’s self employed

You probably won’t land any jobs , but it’s a good time to start on getting your business cards , flyers and website started . Those a things can take long time to get . Take this time to practice your technique. Also you can push for gutter cleanings at this time

I will make the case for a winter start.

Sure winter sucks but there’s a winter every year and it’s a good time to make business plans. A baby business isn’t ready to take on a lot of work. With a winter start you have got a slow improving gradient.


I started my business on October 2010, and I did get business. Not enough to support my wife and I as that took another year and a half.

Yes. This is the time where the beer guys stop showing up. Scoop!


This! Winter is the best time of the year for building route work.

I started my business, literally on Main St. canvassing storefronts, in late February many years ago. I needed very little at the time, but kept at it. And like others have said, the ‘beer guys’ may disappear, thinking they’ll have accounts to pick back up in the spring. You can scoop!

There really is not much to lose. While recently unemployed myself, we started gaining our clients about 4 weeks ago and already have regulars (store fronts and realtors). Where we live, the locals work up at the mountain or move away when snow starts to fall.

Me too!