Ripped at 39 years old?

That’s the goal, anyway.

If you need some motivation to finally achieve the level of fitness that you’ve been “meaning” to achieve, then you might find my little 90-day experiment worth checking out.

Today is day 6 of 90.

Ripped At 39 | A 38-yr-old’s quest to feel better, sleep better, and look a bit better. The recipe is simple, but not easy. Hard work, sacrifice, and eating differently. I’m sick of excuses, and am finally committed to getting ripped by 39. I hope I

Even though it’s only been 6 days, I’m finding that the transparency helps a lot.

What fitness goal do you need to make public?

Quitting smoking, no question.


What happened?

How are you doing with this, Chris?

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By “ripped” do you mean drunk, LOL???

This was a couple years ago. I guess Kevin didn’t see the need to keep it live.

guess he got fat, NOT RIPPED

I wonder what ever happened? hahahaha

Yeah I gave up on that after investing a ton of time and photo documentation when I clued in that the real secret is simply burning more calories than you consume.

That’s it.

I changed my lifestyle, slimmed down, and try to eat more regular normal healthy foods and exercise more often.

I still weigh around 210lbs.

But I’ve got less chub and a bit more muscle. I feel good. Feel strong. And have good energy levels.

Perhaps on July 15, 2014 I’ll post some pics, since it will have been two years exactly since that post.

People don’t like to hear it but it really is more about the eating than the exercising.

This depends on what your goal is
If it’s to lose just weight then yes it’s can mostly be don’t by proper nutrition and a diet plan that works for you
However if one is looking to add mass, this can ONLY be accomplished by lots of weigh training with a good diet.
The old adage:
"Burn more calories than one takes in"
Is just that.

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Yes, but we’re in the minority here :wink:

Anyone wanting to lose weight, try eating a raw foods diet. Do this for 21 days or more and you will lose plenty of weight. You can eat as much fruit and veggies as you want, so you don’t feel hungry. Drink 6-8 cups of water each day.

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More specifically it’s about input vs. burn.

If you exercise more, you can eat more. If you do both, you can slim down twice as fast.

Input vs. output is certainly big part of it. It also matters greatly what you eat. Kind of like putting crap gas in your car makes it run bad, does damage to the motor. If you eat food that is not good for you, eventually it will catch up to you. Tasting great and being enjoyable doesn’t mean it’s good for your health. Eating the right healthy foods, drinking lots of water and getting regular exercise is way more beneficial than any other “diet” out there. As a matter of fact, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, can actually be reversed, without medication, by eating right.

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Sure, of course.

If you choose big macs for your daily caloric intake, you’re not gonna fare so well.

My body burns 3600 calories a day (every 24-hr period), on average, so if I eat healthy, low-fat, nutritious food just 300-500 calories below that threshold (and yes, drink lots of water) I will consistently burn fat without sacrificing energy or overall health. I’ll also maintain muscle mass. Possibly even grow muscle if I’m crazy careful about strategic protein intake.

Not rocket science. No supplements or special potions needed.

Technically you need to eat fibrous fruit like skin on apples, not sweet fruits like berries, and it’s always better to eat the fruits than to have a smoothie or juice.

Fruits are high in sugars (ok natural sugars) but they are still very calorific by means of their sugars.

If you eat fibrous fruits, they are more filling and so eat less of them and in turn also help your digestive system.

Eat fibrous veg and have fruits as a treat to satisfy sweet cravings.

Ive stopped drinking alcohol due to the amount of sugars in that too… anything man made/processed is now a treat for a special occasion not an everyday/week foodstuff.

It’s hard work trying to get ripped!

Stopped drinking alcohol? That’s prety extreme. Well done!

This is actually not true with most types of alcohol since the nature in which the alcohol is produced the yeast consumes the sugar to convert it into alcohol, altho beer/wine and such still have rather large amounts of carbs, only mixing spirits with soft drinks will incur sugars.