RO DI set up help

Hi everyone,
Looking at breaking into the WFP market here in Australia.
My local TDS averages around 350-400 ppm, which is rather poor.
My thoughts where to go RODI, but i’m on a budget, which doesn’t exactly help.
I’ve bought a rather inexpensive 100gpd RO membrane off ebay, along with some 1micron sediment filters, and a couple of blue 10" x 2.5" filter housings.
I want the set up like this:
Tap —> Sediment Filter —> GAC Filter —> RO Membrane —> DI Tank (possibly 12.5L) —> Pole.
How does everyone think it’ll go? I’m concerned about the psi making it through to the (30ft) pole, and the RO doing a good enough job.
After the RO would 12.5L of resin be overkill?
Any thoughts or suggestions?


Ive crunched some numbers, again, and I think the 100gpd RO membrane wont work with how I want to use it, I think it would only produce 0.02lpm, and i’m pretty sure you need at least 2lpm to make it actually come out the end of the pole at a decent enough volume…
Ive found a rather bigger RO membrane, a 1500gpd 40" one… but no housing in sight…
How well would two 200gpd RO filters, plus my 100gpd one, (total of 500gpd/1900lpd) work on an on-site system?
1900lpd, works out to about 80lph, then 1.3lpm…is that sufficient?
Would I have to hook up the three RO filters inline, or adjacent?

Thanks for your time.

Any input is greatly appreciated!
Thanks again.

If you’re all about DIY DI, here’s what supplies many of the RO systems: here

You could reverse engineer a 5 stage system. But regardless, you’re either going to have to put an inline pump (before the filters) or combine that with a holding tank for your water and transport/fill up at customers’ home and work it out from there.

Or you could save a whole bunch of money - spend $1000 to fly to a low TDS area and start life all over from scratch!

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haha yeah no joke, but its otherwise quite nice where i live!
was there meant to be a link in your post? has it been removed maybe?? :confused:

and I cant really cart my own pure water around, i’m just driving a small Subaru Impreza, and its been reaaaaally lowered, so I dont think i’ld survive till the end of my street with a couple of hundred liters in the back haha

Your best option is to find a 100 gal tank online. Mount it in your truck or van. Fill it up overnight with your 100 gal per day RO and a booster pump. Then use a pump box and hose reel to reach wfp. We carry everything you need. You can email me any questions you have at