RO Protect For Winter System Storage

We just got in a shipment of RO Protect from IPC. This stuff important if your going to store your pure water system for the winter, especially if you are in a cold climate.

This stuff is easy to use and worth the couple of bucks. It is going to protect your RO membrane from bacteria growth and if mixed with RV antifreeze, it will keep your membrane from freezing.

Check it out here

Do you have to remove the Carbon/Sediment and di before using this?

Nope. Its mixed and dumped directly into the RO. If you are going to fully winterize your system you should start next season with fresh sediment and carbon filters anyway. If the DI is still new and good, you can take the cartridge out and store it in a ziploc bag.

Would this be necessary if the system is stored inside at room temperatures?


it’s recommended if you are not planning to use your system for several weeks more. Stops the RO from going kinda funky just sitting there with residual water from past use.

As you know last winter was very mild. So if you store your cart in climate control. Run it once a week to keep the water and membrane fresh. Remember you can fill containers with pure water and add isopropyl and use a back back all winter long. Just save those wfp jobs for warm winter days. Jmo

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The standing water in the system can bread bacteria that can negatively affect the RO. This stuff isn’t necessary but it can’t hurt to help prolong the life of the most expensive filter in your system.

So I could just hook up and run my RO once a week and not need RO Protect?

Yea you could do that, just keep it warm…

So… what do you do if bacteria has already developed? I assume change filters. Should I soak the housings in bleach and rinse before installing new filters? (I bought a used unit and inherited this problem) thanks for your imput.

What type of system do you have? Do not bleach your filters!
You should just chuck your sediment and carbon filters, they are cheap. The RO membrane can be very expensive so before you chuck that you can take it out and soak it in DI water, this will help some. Your DI will most likely been to be changed any way so toss that and get some more ordered.

Once you take all the filters out, a small amount of bleach can be run through the housings to help kill anything growing, just be sure to rinse very well.

Hope this helps.