RO system + pump for sale. $1500 OBO

Hello! I am selling this RO system that I built because I am changing my work van setup and want to build a system that is more compact.

Attached are the pics of the RO system, & here are the specs:
4x40 316stainless steel membrane housing with ABS 3/4" side & 1/2" endcap ports
4x40 Dow Filmtec LC-LE 4040 membrane (2500 gal. per day; 99.3% rejection rate)
2.5x10 clear filter housing with 3/4" ports (for carbon filter)
3/4 hp Marathon Motors carbonator motor
5.3gpm FluidoTec stainless steel rotary vane pump
2 temperature + flow sensors (incoming feed flow & permeate flow; powered by 9v battery)
Steel mechanics’ rolling creeper frame for ease of portability

Depending on the water temperature, it can produce at least 1.25 - 1.5gpm with the RO & pump. I have never had to use any DI resin with this setup since it lowers the TDS to 1ppm (TDS in our area is usually 400 & below)
I designed the system where you can bypass the pump & run off tap pressure when desired, or simply turn a lever and route water from the carbon filter to the pump & then the RO.
I have had this system for exactly one year. The membrane has been maintained very well and functions just like when it was new.

If you are only interested in the RO housing/membrane without the pump, that’s fine as well. Thanks for considering! : )

$1500 OBO. All reasonable offers are welcome
I live in the Oklahoma City, OK metro area

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