Rollerblading Flyer Delivery

Does anybody have experience with using rollerblades to deliver flyers? Is it a good or bad idea?

You wouldn’t catch me in rollerblades…

Have employees on their down time or when your in a neighborhood working take sometime to hit as many houses as you can by foot.

I’ve debated it. Been on skates since I was 3. I feel like I could attack a lot of houses.

Does it look professional? Does that really matter? It would be awkward running into someone. Or would it not be? With a lot of people into fitness nowadays, maybe it would be admirable…or not?

I think that I may give it a shot when the time comes for door hangers. See how it goes.



  • better stamina, work longer
  • easy to roll to break spot
  • easy for big properties
  • looks fine, professional, no complaints


  • stairs a more of a challenge (easier with experience probably)
  • easier to fall

What else?, I thinking it’s worth a try.


So you’re really really fast on rollerblades? :wink:


Oh man Kyle… :joy::rofl:

I’m not into rolling an ankle brother…

In my opinion rollerblading while put out door hangers is like the old zip lock bags with gravel and a flyer tossed on a drive way…

When we are delivering door hangers we run into people that want a quote then and there… so crossing lawns etc would be a nightmare on roller blades.

Besides all that, I would look stupid in rollerblades!!

PS @Streakerfree Alex don’t you have some arrows to draw some where! :wink:


Do it in the middle of the night, nobody up to laugh at you.

Would recommend some sort of headlight.


I used to play ice hockey, and did a lot of aggressive in-line skating whilst younger, then low top speed skates with age. I’ve thought about this, but don’t have blades at the moment.

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How about instead of roller blades, you put on drywall stilts? Then you can cover a ton of distance with mega long strides, and you can still walk over grass lawns.


And be dressed up as a clown while walking in those stilts. That would be funny!


How about combine the two?


Here ya’ go, give these a try.

A few years back, we were thinking about getting a Segway. Put a cool wrap on it for advertising, and roll through neighborhoods on weekends dropping flyers. They were pretty expensive so we never went through with it, but I always thought it was a good idea.


If they are tall enough, you could do away with ladders. Your on to something here.

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Last thing you’d be worrying about was rolling an ankle.

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How about one of those hover boards. You know, like a segway ( not sure if I spelled that right) but without the handle. As a bonus you could use it when doing commercial wfp work…maybe.

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Nice work Alex! :joy::rofl:

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my partner and i always joke about him getting some stilts because so many windows are just out of his reach


NOW you’re on to something