Rollie pollie: best starter kit

For those of you who have either read or heard reliable reports from someone who has, which window cleaning guide has the best reviews?

I put other as I think WCR is the best training you can get. Where else can you get Mark’s tool review; Sanchez’s tips, tricks, and techniques (w/ special guest stars like Uncle Phil); WCR Nation; tips from The Salesman; and Kevin’s great marketing advice. Those other guys should be here learning!

I love Andy Engstrom’s plaid bucket hat. Every window cleaner should have one.

Further, I agree that WCR is the best area for new window cleaners. It’s more of a collective of knowledge rather then one person.

I bought one of Mr. Engstrom’s videos out of curiosity one day a few years ago. It was pathetic.

My vote would go to WCR. And Kevin’s book. Although I have to admit I haven’t picked up a copy yet, but I will be. I’ve learned and applied enough of his shared knowledge from his videos articles/posts to confidently recommend his book.

I apologize to the other networks and areas of learning such as wcr and kevin dubrosky. I might have left them off the poll because I get the impression that steve wright, andy engstrom, and tanner larson are selling nearly identical products. I don’t know cause i’ve never bought one, but the way they advertise, it seems like they all copied each other and put their own twist on it. That’s probably wrong of me to say cause I’ve never purchased their products.

I do know that I have called both steve wright and andy engstrom about a year ago when I took a real heavy interest in my business, and both guys seem really respectable and classy. I’ve yet to call tanner larson

I know Tanner has alot of videos thru expert village on Youtube about wcing. Have you watched those?

Yeah, but I’m confused because I think that might be a different tanner. I think that’s tanner falcon, and tanner larson is some dude with a commercial wc company in reno nv. His name is tanner larson I think

Good catch! I’ve never heard of the other Tanner then. The other 2 though (as was mentioned) seem to have similar approaches w/ just a litlle personal spin on them. If you’re going to invest money in your biz I’d go w/ Kevin’s book.

as far as books or manuels i would say Kevins hands down, as far as websites wcr hands down.

I don’t think anyone could give an informed opinion without seeing all the products in the polled list.

Prison. VFW. Moose Lodge. Hells Angels Club. And Chucky Cheese.

I’m excited to read Kevin’s book. I order a bunch of stuff from wcr about a couple weeks ago and alex sent me something to fax to Kevin. Looking forward to that book making its way across customs…

You need three things and you already have one.

2) Kevins book
3) Steves book

Steve’s book is the best buy/value for the new guy…period. I own it, I use it, I read it, i tell others about it, they get it, they thank me.

Joel Andrews videos are a very close second.

THEN Kevins book. …NOTICE: Kevins book is not third in order of value or importance…but is third on the list of the three things you need. No particular order was suggested. But one may want to know HOW to clean before one knows how to market.

The replies to this poll are very misleading.

[B][CENTER][SIZE=“3”]What about Johnny Orsini???[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B]

I am surprised his [B][I][U]free[/U][/I][/B] book has not been mentioned. If you were to combine his book with Kevin’s. I think you would have more than enough to get started and have unlimited growth.

Not knowing a dang thing about window cleaning. I read the Orsini guide when first starting and thought I better try my own way first. Couple o’ years later I read Orsini’s guide again and said to myself. “Why didn’t I follow this in the first place?”

Kevin’s book covers what most of know nothing about.

Mas Influencia. Very Important to growth, let alone survival to window cleaning.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]What I learned on his $5.00 video download was more than worth it. I use his X technique every day. Haven’t seen it anywhere else, even on YouTube.<O:p</O:p[/FONT][/COLOR]

Can we redo the pole and include Johnny Orsini?
Let’s not forget the John Baxter books either.

I am a big Steve Wright fan, I just worry that someone in my market area will buy his system and use my marketing package and confuse the heck out of all my customers.

My opinion
While I’ve gotten steve’s book years ago it was very simple and thorough…extremely helpful.
I assume Tanner’s and Egstrom’s are similar.
However, Kevin’s book seems to be a slightly different approach…It’s more like advance marketing, motivation, and helps you think about things that you normally
don’t think about when starting a business. It’s a GREAT book and extremely helpful if you use his concepts…but it isn’t for everyone.
WCR is great because there are so many ideas thrown into a single pot. If you want to start a window cleaning business WCR could be a bit overwhelming to sort through.
There you go…my 2.5 cents.

Why not?

If your aren’t teachable and willing to reevaluate your business in all aspects its not for you. There are some things that may seem over-the-top marketing and such which does draw a lot of business but some of us probably aren’t going to want to go through the preparation to do that and to take risks outside of the risk they are already taking.