Roof Washing Setup?

Ok, ive been looking around trying to deciede what route ot go as far as setting up a rig. I have and want to eventually get to the bandit or something similar, however for the money and amount of roof cleaning i will be doing, ( 2-3 a month) i just would like something easy, doesnt have to be super cheap just simple. I think i will just go with a 50 gallon tank for now, but i dont know about the rest. Ive postpone buying one and no i have a job next week. I have a norther tool here and tractor supply, i just need help with the set up!

Question 2 ive been on a site with some roof cleaners to learn, but how long do you let the chemicals sit, and how long until you will see a finished product? Thanks:confused::confused:

Check out the PWR Forum. There’s a thread on roof cleaning equipment

Roof Cleaning Equipment List

Here is mine


“Have to have the micro wave for food” Omg I want your truck just for that! lol nice rig buddy

nicely laid out truck. Forget the new wrap, reels, tanks, pumps etc.! Concentrate on what matters here - THE MICROWAVE~! That made my day. Great job really.

For simple system spend the $1,500 and get the fat boy system from Bob at pressure tek. It is a great system. Or if the fat boy is more pump than you want Paul at the pressure washer store has a good CHEAPER PRICED system with the 5850, dual pump system that will work well for you. It’s quality is a little lower but more than sufficient for getting started and I think runs about $800

Thanks Guys, I do not like to eat fast food so I bring a nice lunch for the long days!

Does any one use or own this? Roofster Slide-In Bleach Pump Rig from Sun Bright Supply. If someone does how does it compare to the Fat boy Bandit?

What i would really like to purchase is an all in one unit for cleaning roofs and house wash any ideas? Basically 1 unit that can be used for both, Thanks.

id recommend using a power washer for house washes instead of a roof cleaning rig. I have both a power washer and a fatboy.

Thanks for your response! That’s what i was thinking. Have you ever heard of the Roofster Rig? What would be a nice rig to get to use the X-Jet with?

Xjets are used with a pressure washer for relatively high pressure chemical application.

Yes, Thanks. But the question was (What would be a nice rig to get, to use the X-Jet with) For house wash? Would the x-jet be good for driveways or is it best for only house wash? Thanks again for the help!

Also my other question, Has anyone used the Roofster from Sun Bright Supply? Thanks

A nice rig to use the xjet would be a pressure washer that is at least 4 GPM

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The only time we use our X-Jet for driveways is to apply SH to the concrete before we use the surface cleaner.


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good rig for pressure washing if was going to start out as newbie is 5gpm belt driven pressure washer 250 feet pressure washing hose 150 garden hose plus a 18 inch surface cleaner. I would wait little get pressure washing done before you start cleanuing roofs.

Thanks Diamondridge, Much appreciated!

Thanks for the info!

bc window cleaning, tried to PM you back but it wont let me. I need to post 15 times first But to answer your question I’m in San Jose Ca. Bay Area.

That dual pump system uses some off brand pumps, not the delevan 5850’s. It is priced about right though, and its good that you have a backup pump. It’ll prob come in handy.