Roofline or High Ladder Work Safety - Climbing Helmets?

So I was digging around out of curiosity about ladder and roof fall death statistics.
Put simply, I dislike working on steep roofs or tall ladders. And after working around the Fire Departments, I find I am pretty crazy, but very safety conscious - everything becomes calculated risk to me.

I have this weird habit, maybe it’s leftover from firefighting training or I don’t know what - but when I do something that seems to be high risk, I end up playing worst case scenarios through my head and think of how I would react to that scenario. Recently I had to climb on a roof with a weird roofline with a really steep edge where I had to dismount the ladder - which then I had to climb over - then smoothed out to a nice walk - nothing too crazy, but enough to make me think that the scenario had a greater risk of slipping (and of course my head goes into imagining the fall… head exploding on the edge of the swimming pool concrete below… My imagination runs wild…)

But then again back on subject - I was digging around on statistics and came across this quote from an article in australia:
“Of the 112 workers who died from a fall from a height in the four years 2008–11, 76% died due to head injuries, some in combination with major injuries to other parts of the body.”

Now this is speculation, but realizing extreme height falls and other bodily injury come into play - lets say wearing a helmet would only save 50% of the strictly “death due to head injury & combined with other factors” patients… That would mean that percentage wise just over 42 people would have survived the fall deaths out of that 112 workers who died from falls… That’s huge.

Anyone think of using a climbers helmet etc when doing high ladder work or working on a roof with sketchy windows?

I am considering it… Cause concrete is hard, and on those days I work alone and have to get on a roof - it could come in handy.

The article from Australia is here:

Safety measures should always be considered when you work in unfavorable situations.

So I go by telling myself this.

If the “what if” is bad, then don’t do it lol

it’s not a bad idea, if you have no other option but to climb.

we’ve really started to use wfp techniques to limit exposure, so just about anywhere that i would feel sketchy climbing, we dont climb anymore. we just wfp it no matter what, and live with whatever results we can get.

Its funny now you mention that, if you are employed here as a rope tech you are required to wear a helmet but the window cleaners with the same rope tech certs get away without wearing them. Personally i have never experienced or heard of people here required to wear helmets while on a ladder or near a roof edge( unless its a construction site, then a hard hat is required at all times if you are working at height that hard had needs to be secured to your head with a neck strap.)
However the laws here state that when working on a roof within 1.8 meters of an edge you must be attached to a fall arrest anchor.
Also ladders are to be used as a last resort in theory, never happens but if you were to have an indecent you would most likely be fined for not reducing the risk and using alternative methods.