Rope Access Technicians

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking in to getting certified through IRATA and SPRAT for rope access work, and looking at other possibilities or jobs requiring rope access aside from window cleaning. Some of those jobs pay 28 + per hour, how much do you guys pay your rope access guys and/or how much are you paid for rope access work? I am mostly interested in expanding my business into high rise window cleaning , but Just curious how much guys get paid .

Also, do you guys require any certifications or training? or do you mostly do on the job training?

Here in Boston MA even union isnt getting more than 26 an hour tops-IRATA and SPRAT certs are virtually unheard of here and not compensated much more that I know of. You want big $ for rope access look at SPRAT site and apply for jobs on oil rigs ( a dying industry),wind turbines,bridge /dam inspections or engineering firms. Average pay in New England is 18-25 an hour,depending on experience and ability.

If you wanna get paid the big bucks you have to be fast, really fast and flawless no detailing at all.
Even when I worked for a high rise company the rope guns only got $1-2/hr than the ground guys.
From all the pic/vids I have seen of guys in the US, I would strongly urge you to go with IRATA over SPRAT since I have no idea how the SPRAT training program works however I am familiar with IRATA and from observations IRATA is far Superior due to its an International accreditation with much higher safety standards. Honestly I could be wrong I just see pics and vids of guys who in my eyes are not nearly as safe as they think they are or could be and its not just a few its almost every pic of high rise window cleaners in the USA.

I learned on the job. One of the things that took me the longest to pick up was how to redirect your lines.

There are not a lot of rope access window cleaners in the US. Osha simply requires you to be trained by a competent person which any Joe Shmoe can and does claim to be. So what that means is that most companies employ guys(with no certification whatsoever) to stand on a swing stage and get paid $15 an hour tops. I am level 2 SPRAT certified at this time and I pay my SPRAT certified guys $20-$25 per hour depending on window cleaning experience.

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Nice, I think I’m going to get Sprat Certified this year. I Live in Tulsa, so we have a lot of oil industry here. I may go get NDT trained along with the Sprat cert and go that route. Although, I’m not sure I could leave my window cleaning business behind.